Fall back, and all! November 9, 2019

Fall back, and all! November 9, 2019

Daylight savings time is a challenge for families with small children. I’m convinced that whoever thinks it’s a great idea to keep changing the time twice a year does not have children! The first morning Samuel woke up around four-thirty. I prayed for him to go back to sleep, and God answered my prayer. He went back to sleep and woke up around six-thirty, which is his normal wake up time. However, since that first morning, he has been routinely waking up at five-thirty! I lay in bed listening to him play and fuss, until I finally give in and get up around six. This is when the day begins around the Kjorlaug house! I have a dream that someday when my children are older they will learn to sleep longer, or at the very least learn to let me sleep longer!

David generally wakes up around six-thirty to six-forty-five, which is a good time for him to get up. This gives him plenty of time to eat breakfast and get ready for school without having to be rushed around too much. David still loves school :), and so I rarely have any trouble getting him to get up and get ready. This past week his grade had a field trip day to the zoo. Emma, Samuel and I went too! We all had a wonderful time, and I loved spending the day with my sweet boy! David was so excited, you would have thought he had never been to the zoo before! He loved being there with his friends! He has one particular friend that he has become good buddies with, and he hung out with us throughout the day. Emma had a good time keeping up with the boys. Samuel loved being outside riding around in his stroller! We were blessed with a beautiful day!

Samuel is playing at Barnes and Noble with the train table in the kids section. I had to take a picture because I have pictures of David and Emma doing the same thing when they were about the same size. It makes me feel all squishy and nostalgic! We used to go all the time to B&N to read books and play with the trains! Some stores have started removing the train tables, and that makes me sad. I love that the Barnes and Noble in Memphis still has theirs!

I can’t believe that Samuel will be a year old next month! Where has time gone!? He is such a sweet little guy. He has finally started taking some steps! Every once in a while he will get a surge of confidence and take off. He will go five or six steps and get so excited about what he is doing that he falls down. πŸ™‚ He can wave bye-bye, and can say Dada, Mamma, David comes out Dod, Emma comes out Ma, and Zoe comes out Z. He can also say ball and duck. πŸ™‚


This time last year we were having a rough time with Zoe. She was suffering from anxiety and was going off at us like a bomb. We were distraught about it and had no choice but to put her outside. It has actually turned out to be a good thing for her, and she is doing much better now! She adjusted to being outside, and now she actually wants to go outside! She has gotten to where she comes in and out pretty much at her leisure. It’s not uncommon for her to sleep inside most of the day, and then go out at night. We keep her food and litter box in the garage, and she lets us know when she needs to go out! She is being very good with the kids, and while I can tell she doesn’t particularly enjoy their attention, she is gentle and never does anything to hurt them, particularly Samuel who can be a bit rough. πŸ™‚


I had lunch with my little man at school yesterday! He requested that I bring him Wendy’s for lunch. He loved the food and the company, but I think he loved the toy in his kids meal the most. πŸ™‚ (By the way, Wendy’s has some awesome toys in their kids meals! I don’t remember toys ever being that cool when I was little!:) ) Actually, when I picked David up from school on Friday I asked him what his favorite thing about his day was, and he said “having lunch with you mom”. I know, I was fishing for it, but it still made me feel great! πŸ™‚


We are doing a lot of cooking in our new, amazing kitchen! I want to share a couple recipes with you that I’ve tried recently and love! The first is Hot and Sweet Drumsticks, by Terri. You will notice I did not use drumsticks, but leg/thigh quarters. You can use whatever cut of chicken you want. I just love the sauce/glaze recipe! It calls for apricot preserves, but I use peach. It taste awesome! I highly recommend trying this recipe. The other isΒ Perfect Potatoes Au Gratin, By Ree! Her recipes are always so large that I cut them in half most of the time. I also sliced my potatoes with my food processor instead of dicing them. It’s so easy to make and turned out great!



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