Christmas Faces! December 30, 2019

Christmas Faces! December 30, 2019

Christmas morning I took quite a few pictures. I tried to catch the kids in live action without interrupting their activity. I did pretty good at catching David and Samuel with some intersting faces! 🙂 HA! David was super excited about opening gifts, and he doesn’t hide any emotion. Emma was also enthusiastic about gifts, and this was her first Christmas to really understand what we were celebrating. She was a little more reserved during the opening of presents, but she has done nothing but play with her toys since. So I know she loves them! Samuel liked ripping the paper off his packages! 🙂 He has enjoyed playing with his toys since they have been removed from packaging though.

Christmas eve we decorated our christmas tree! I loved watching Andrew lift Emma to put the star on top. It’s a very important and coveted job! 😉 We then put ornaments on the tree. Many people and places are represented on our tree, and I love remembering them all!

Here are some more Christmas morning photos. We spent a wonderful, relaxing day at home. The kids did not wake us up early to open gifts! In fact, Samuel, who usually wakes us up early like an alarm, slept later! It was his gift to us!:) The kids stayed in their pajamas all day, and we had the best time. It was warm outside, and so they were able to go outside and play. We had some friends over for lunch. (We took the easy road out and bought ribs from the Rendevous! HA HA! Andrew did all the cooking for me! He heated up the ribs, and made fried potatoes and green beans for sides! We were blessed with desserts from friends, a decadent yule log cake, christmas cookes and more!) Then what, but an afternoon nap! We drove around later that evening and looked at Christmas lights. It was an awesome Christmas day!

On the second and third days of Christmas we celebrated with our families. Andrew’s brothers all have kids around the same ages as ours, and the kids love their cousins! Emma and Henry were so cute playing together. They even wanted to take a nap together, which just ended up being playtime. LOL 🙂  David and Robbie love Pokémon and shooting nerf guns. They spent a lot of their time looking at Pokémon cards. I don’t know how, but David has become fascinated with Pokémon. I know nothing about Pokémon, and I don’t understand it. I am just going to have to try to learn, or just be satisfied with not knowing… Sigh! 🙂 Uncle B is also a Pokémon aficionado, and he gave David his first Pokémon cards. So now that I think of it, this is all his fault! Ha! Just kidding. 😉

I hope y’all had a blessed Christmas, filled with peace, love, joy, hope, and the celebration of our Lord Jesus’ birthday!


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