“Hindsight is 2020”! January 5th, 2020

“Hindsight is 2020”! January 5th, 2020

Happy New Year! You know the saying, “hind sight is always 2020”. Well, I hope that I can look back on this year without any regrets! While the future is somewhat foggy, I know that God will be with us every step of the way. He knows what the future holds whether we do or not! To see in this new year we celebrated with some long time friends of ours. We had an appetizer menu, and then I was forced into watching Star Wars. Yes, that’s right, I actually watched Star Wars. (most of it anyway 😉 ) I can’t say I like it any more now than I did before. Sorry! If you’re an avid fan please don’t be offended. Star Wars is just now my type of movie. I was more about the food! We had a sausage and cheese plate, fruit tray, gyosa (I did not make these from scratch. We bought them frozen from an asain food store. I pan fried them), and then I made this queso fundido recipe by the pioneer woman. It was my second time to make it, and it turned out way better this time. The trick is to use a skillet that is not too big. You want it to fill up to the top when layering it. Also, the types of cheese you use are important. I used Monterrey Jack, Cheddar, and Velveeta. The recipe doesn’t call for Velveeta, but I love how it melts. Most important part, eat it while it is bubbly hot!


I managed to stay awake past midnight, and this is how Andrew and I brought in the new year. I am yellow, so I’d say I started the year out pretty good. 😉


The kids (David and Emma) go back to school this week, and all the fun and games are over. Boo Hoo Hoo! I’ll miss the kids terribly. I’ve loved having everyone at home, watching them interact with one another, and spending time together. I also resume teaching this week. I’m looking forward to a new year of piano teaching, and I have a lot fun things planned.

Here are some pictures from our week. We went to the children’s museum and David, Emma and Samuel loved the theater. The kids dress up and then a song plays and they can see themselves on the screen as they dance. It’s so hilarious to watch! Emma LOVES Paw Patrol and the museum has a paw patrol play area right now. We had to visit that area twice!

David received two Lego sets for Christmas, both from the Ninjago series he loves. He worked diligently all week at putting them together. One is a helicopter and the other a cobra figure. He cracks me up with his love for all things scary. 🙂

We had movie night last night (we watched Peter Pan), and the kids were sitting in the floor with their blankets and chairs. Samuel was so funny! He tried to be right in the middle!

I’ve also had some extra time this week to cook! The other night Andrew roasted a chicken and I made twice baked potatoes, biscuits, and green beans.Twice baked potatoes are awesome! I love them anywhere! Making them at home is extra special. Not because it is difficult, but because it takes time. Baking the potatoes takes about an hour or more, and then letting the potatoes cool enough that you can hold onto them while cutting and scooping out the potato is important. It’s best if you can prep them earlier in the day, and then at dinner all you have to do is bake them off. I also tried a new biscuit recipe. I was very impressed with it! It lends itself to being like an English scone, with a sweeter taste and airy texture, but man are they good! Perfect Homemade Biscuits by Trish!

Here’s to a new year of music and memories!



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