Tooth Fright! February 7th, 2020

Tooth Fright! February 7th, 2020

Once upon a time there was a little boy. This little boy waited and waited to get his first loose tooth. All his friends were losing their baby teeth, but he still did not have any loose teeth. He did lose a tooth a few years ago, when he fell and damaged his front tooth. The dentist pulled that tooth, and while the tooth fairy still came, it didn’t really count. After all, he was still waiting for his big tooth to come back in!

Finally, one day he noticed his bottom front tooth was loose! He was so excited!! It was finally happening! He was going to lose his first tooth! However, the more loose the tooth became the more afraid the little boy became. What if it hurt? What if it bled?  The sight of blood was terrifying to him when he fell and got a boo boo. So he decided not to pull his tooth. Weeks went by, and the tooth become so loose his mother began to worry. What if the tooth came out one day while he was eating, and he accidentally swallowed his tooth!?

One night as the little boy was getting ready for bed, his mom asked him about his tooth. He showed her the tooth that was barely hanging on. Mom offered to help pull the tooth. This really frightened the little boy. He refused to open his mouth again. Dad came in and offered to help pull the tooth as well. This was really bad! No way was the little boy going to let his Mom and Dad pull that tooth. It was going to hurt! Dad and Mom both assured him that it was not going to hurt, and would come out with one little twist. The little boy cried and kicked and refused to even entertain the thought of pulling his tooth.

Dad and Mom had to get creative with their persuasion to get the little boy to let them help pull the tooth. Finally the little boy decided he would let Dad help pull the tooth. Amazingly, with one little twist the tooth was out! To the little boys surprise it didn’t hurt at all! It did bleed a little, but that turned out to be no big deal either! He had lost his first tooth!!! He placed his tooth under his pillow, and dreamed of the tooth fairy and what she would leave under his pillow. The next morning the boy awoke to find the tooth fairy had left him three whole dollars!


The End


Monday was a beautiful day and we decided to make the most of it. We all went to the zoo together! Yes, work and school was skipped! It was such a great day! Samuel has reached the point where he is able to walk around, pet the farm animals, and enjoy the zoo too. A day outside is exactly what we all needed!

After the zoo we had pizza and canolis! David and Samuel both devour their canolis. Emma likes to eat the filling out of hers, and leave the cookie part. She’s so funny. 🙂

I have been trying to teach Emma how to play the Old Maid card game. However, she doesn’t get that ending up with the old maid card is supposed to be a bad thing, meaning you lose the game. Instead she wants to be the one to end up with the old maid card. She’s happy about it! HA! 🙂 She’s such a cootie patootie! 🙂


Remember how I said Monday was such a beautiful day? Well, there was snow on the ground this morning! Just a trace, and it’s gone now, but the weather needs to make up its mind!! I took Emma and Samuel outside this morning to see the remnants of the snow. Emma was amazed. I don’t know that she remembers the snow we had last year. Because you know, we have so much of it around here. Ha! 🙂 We then decided to come inside and have some hot chocolate! Love my hot chocolate buddy! 🙂




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