“Lovecation”! February 17, 2020

“Lovecation”! February 17, 2020


Andrew and I were able to take a mini vacation for Valentine’s Day this year! We went fine dining, spent the night in a hotel in Memphis, and had a post valentine’s brunch! It was the most romantic Valentine’s we have had in a long time. Andrew has a tradition of buying me a gold plated rose for Valentine’s day. He has done this six years in a row, so I now have half a dozen roses. That is the bouquet he is handing me in the photo above. Isn’t he sweet! 😍


I bought Andrew a Bob’s Burgers Monopoly game for Valentine’s day. Andrew loves this tv show, and while I’m not a huge fan, I can appreciate some of the humor. We took the game with us on our lovecation. It was fun! For me anyway. I won. 😉

The kids had a great Valentin’s day too! They both made boxes for their valentines cards. David’s is a spider, and Emma’s is a dog. 🙂 I went to David’s party at school, and watched him eat ice cream, punch, candy, and play games. It’s always a treat (for both of us) to visit him at school.

I made pop tarts  using a Ree Drummond recipe for the kids for their Valentine’s breakfast! These are really good and super easy to make! I have made them twice now, and I love them myself! 🙂 Both times I have made strawberry pop tarts, but one could do so many different things with the filling and frosting!


Instead of buying the kids candy for Valentine’s day I opted to buy them something they could use or play with. (Don’t worry they got plenty of candy from school, and Grand-mama bought them cupcakes and cookies!) I got Samuel a little stuffed dog and a tooth brush set. Lately he has been going into the bathroom, climbing upon the stepping stool to the sink, and wanting to brush his teeth like David and Emma. So I bought him his own tooth brush and cup. It’s hard to believe he has enough teeth now to brush! Emma loves puzzles, so I bought her some new puzzles. I didn’t get a picture of David’s, but he loves Pokemon, so I bought him some Pokemon cards.

Here are two of my favorite Valentine cards! Emma’s picture from school is a hoot! Also, I have a bunch of great student’s who brought me valentine’s gifts last week! One student made me this very sweet card! I love it! I love teaching piano!

My sweet husband volunteered to clean out our refrigerator on Valentine’s day! It must have been pretty bad for him to volunteer. I’m not proud about that, but I LOVE him so much for cleaning it out! 🙂 Look at the ridiculous amount of hot sauces we have!!!! It’s pretty embarrassing!!

Awe…Look! There’s two really sweet guys sitting on the couch together. 😊

Hope y’all were able to spend time with someone you love on Valentine’s Day too!



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