Feeling Exhausted! February 29, 2020

Feeling Exhausted! February 29, 2020

This has been an exhausting week! It started with taking Samuel for his well visit at a new pediatricians office in Memphis on Monday. We were ten minutes late for his appointment because I have a serious deficiency when it comes to directions and finding places for the first time! No joke! We finally made it. I got the paper work filled out, while trying to keep Samuel from spilling and eating raisins off the floor.  We were called back, and the usual took place of weighing and measuring. Samuel is a big boy! No surprises there. 🙂 We then waited for the doctor. We entertained ourselves quite some time, and then I resorted to watching mickey mouse on my phone. Finally, the doctor came in, checked Samuel’s heart, ears, etc. All of which Samuel was none too happy about. He wasn’t sure what to make of this person. Then the worst part at the end being his vaccines. Since Samuel is our third, I have long since learned that when taking the kids to get any kind of shot it is always good to have a surprise diversion on hand. I always make sure to have something they love, usually some kind of candy, or in Samuel’s case, fruit snacks. While he cried for a couple minutes, once he saw the fruit snacks the shots where quickly forgotten. At least for the time being.


By the following afternoon, Samuel was feeling the effects of the shots. His legs were sore and he didn’t feel well for the next. three. days! It was a very LONG three days. None of our others ever had any major effects from their shots. So this was a new experience for us. Samuel ran a high fever, was miserable, and didn’t sleep at all Tuesday night. By Wednesday he was feeling some better, and this weekend he has been back to his normal happy self.


Emma, Samuel, and I hanging out together. We were sitting on the bed in our playroom watching music videos. Samuel didn’t feel like doing much else that day.

Because it is really difficult to accomplish anything when you have a sick baby. Thursday I had tons of laundry and house work to catch up on. When I went in to sort the laundry this is what I found. Can you spot the cat? 🙂


This has been one of those weeks where you just feel tired. Yes, I’ve been physically tired from the lack of sleep, but also just mentally and emotionally tired. Friday night Andrew cooked a really healthy meal for us. Salmon, steamed rice, and green beans. He did a fabulous job. It tasted amazing! We were sitting at the table eating. Across the table from me David was eating really well, (He is usually our pickiest) Emma sitting on my right side just sat there and picked at her food, and Samuel on my left side was picking at, making mess of, and whining at me almost the whole time. This is not out of the ordinary by the way. It doesn’t matter what we have to eat, there is always at least one of them that doesn’t want to eat it.  It usually doesn’t bother me too much because if they don’t eat at one meal then they usually will at the next. However, because Samuel had been sick and not wanted to eat much the last several days, mixed with my exhaustion, it upset me. This is when I know I need a break! When things like this start getting to me.



The kids are watching Andrew play a Mario game on his phone. Emma likes to tell Andrew when he dies. 😉 Plus, they like the sound of the video game music. It’s moments like this that I look at and feel so thankful. We have three beautiful, healthy children! They are each unique, precious and sweet in their own way.

Yesterday and today we were able to go outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Some of the best medicine there is is laughter, fresh air and sunshine! It felt great to be outside and let the kids play.



p.s. Happy Leap Day! 🙂

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