Living Life. March 11, 2020

Living Life. March 11, 2020

It was Dr. Suess week last week at David’s school. David loves dressing up and being in the spirit of things! He loved every day, except crazy hair day! See that streak running through the kitchen in the picture below? 🙂 I had fixed his hair by tying several of Emma’s rubber bands in the top strands. He was so embarrassed he ran through the house trying to avoid a picture, and then made me take them out. He wouldn’t wear it to school that way. On Thursday they were to dress up with a friend. For Christmas Andrew’s parents had bought the kids thing 1, thing 2 and thing 3 shirts because that’s what Andrew calls them sometimes. In fact, they even answer to those names when he does it. It’s pretty funny. I had them all wear their shirts because I wanted a picture. It was virtually impossible to get a picture! Samuel will not sit or stand still long enough. He got upset that I was making him sit for the picture. 🙂

Samuel had his second hair cut last week. He has SO. MUCH. HAIR!!! It is so thick and curly! It’s beautiful, and I hate to cut it so I just tell them to keep the shag and trim the bangs. 🙂

Samuel is growing so fast! We have had a few nice weather days, and he loves being outside. The other day he decided to lay down in the grass. It was so cute! I had to get a picture. Melt my  heart! He has been expressing himself in more assertive ways lately. Like throwing food in the floor on purpose and then looking at me to see if I’m going to react. He’s also throwing tantrums. I believe we are hitting the terrible twos early!

My parents came for a visit this past weekend. We loved spending time with them and enjoying the beautiful weather. We went to the zoo, and did some fishing! There is a dinosaur expo at the zoo currently, and so we walked through and saw all the dinosaurs. I’m not sure who liked it more, David or my Dad! They both love dinosaurs!  When we went fishing I caught two catfish! Dad and David did most of the catching, and we actually caught enough to fry and eat for Sunday lunch! My mom and Andrew did all the cooking! I didn’t lift a finger.

There are good and bad things happening all around us. It seems that there is a lot more bad lately, with grave illnesses, people losing their homes or loved ones in storms, the pandemic that seems to be spreading, and etc. My thoughts and prayers go out to all these people. I feel blessed and know that as long as we have faith, family, and love, the world is a wonderful place.

Here is an Emma Funny!

One night at dinner David said he needed to tell me a secret, leaned over and whispered something in my ear. A little while later Emma says to me, ” Mama, I need to talk to your ear”. 😁




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