Face-to-Face! June 13, 2020

Face-to-Face! June 13, 2020

We resumed our weekly routine after last week’s vacation. I resumed teaching in person piano lessons this past week! I am so happy about it, I can’t even tell you. No matter how much we all try to stay “connected” online, it is just not the same! Physical presence is so important! Student’s are more engaged when there is physical presence, and there are so many things that are better physically demonstrated on piano. Also, and I’m sure there have been studies done, there is a very real difference between a face-to-face relationship and a virtual relationship! One of the many things I love about teaching piano is the relationship I build with my students! I know from experience that the influence a teacher can have on a student can be very powerful. I hope to have a positive influence on the lives of my students by teaching them a skill and a love for music they will always have!

David also had his first piano lesson this week! Talk about a proud mom moment! No, I’m not his teacher! I decided years ago that it would be better if I did not teach my own children. Once again, there is definitely a different type of relationship between a teacher/student and a parent/child! Some people can do both successfully. I’m not sure if I could, and I’m not willing to find out just yet! 🙂 David was nervous at first, but once he met his teacher and was successful at his first lesson, he loved it! I hope he continues to love it!


The kids were playing outside and Zoe, our cat, was watching from the window! 🙂 We call Zoe our “watch cat”, because she is very protective and always keeps an eye on the kids. She doesn’t really like them messing with her too much, but she always wants to keep an eye on them from a distance. 🙂 They LOVE Zoe though! They were playing in the water, so it’s a good thing the cat was inside! 🙂


The kids went to spend the weekend at their Grand-mama and G-pa’s house! It’s the first time in MONTHS that I have been in this house alone! It is so quiet, too quiet! Last night Andrew and I sat on the couch, looked at each other and asked the question, “What did we used to do before the kids?” 😂 We ended up ordering Chinese food for dinner, and watching tv! This was our first date night since Valentine’s day! Yes, we spent it just sitting on the couch! 🤣


Have a great week!



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