Three Little Pumpkins! October 24, 2020

Three Little Pumpkins! October 24, 2020

Last weekend we visited the pumpkin patch with my brother and sister in law, and nephews. The weather was beautiful! I love the cooler weather we have been having this fall! We had a great time at the pumpkin patch, and we enjoyed the socialization! The kids were excited to go pick out their pumpkins. David loves ALL holidays. I’m not sure which is his favorite, but he goes ALL out. He wants everything decorated, and parties planned. 🙂 He tells me how he is going to decorate his whole house when he grows up, and I can come visit. Apparently I don’t do enough in the decoration department around here! 🙂 At the pumpkin patch we went to this year they had fun photo places set up. The kids loved Spookley the pumpkin! We also walked through a very difficult Spookley corn maze! I didn’t think we were ever going to find our way out. Samuel kept trying to hide in the corn stalks, which was making me nervous. I could just envision us losing him in the corn field! Once we found our way out of the corn maze, we found the pumpkin patch and the sunflower fields! The pumpkin patch was fun! The kids each picked their own pumpkin. Emma and Samuel were pretty easy going. Once they decided on a pumpkin that was it. David is always undecisive, and wants the biggest pumpkin he can find. It took quite a bit of searching, but we finally found one big enough to satisfy him. 🙂 Feeding the animals was also a big hit. The kids always love the animals! It is so cute watching them feed the farm animals. Samuel didn’t quite know what to make of the animals at first, but once he realized they would eat out of his hand, he loved it!

Here are some pics from our pumpkin patch adventures!

Virtual School has been going good, and this week the work load was pretty light. We finished early most days, and so Wednesday I decided to take the kids to the botanical garden. It was another beautiful, albeit warmer day. Even though it is fall, we were still able to enjoy some beautiful flowers and the changing colors of the leaves. It was our first visit to the kid section of the gardens, called “My Big Backyard”. I was really impressed! It is in fact Big! With lots of creative and imaginative areas for the kids to play! We even discovered a little “secret passage”, which I think was my favorite part! There were famous quotes hung throughout. I took a picture of a couple of my favorites. I also particularly liked the xylophone bench! Samuel found it quite fun too. 🙂

Pics of our garden adventures!

Today we carved the pumpkins we picked last weekend. It was a great day for carving pumpkins! The weather was pretty cool, and so it was a good mood setter for Halloween activities. The kids helped me clean the guts out of the pumpkins. I have to say that this year the kids were actually into helping me, even Samuel! 🙂 David and Emma drew on a piece of paper what they wanted their pumpkin face to look like, and Andrew did the carving. They turned out great! Of course we had to light them up tonight to see the spooky pumpkins!

My three little pumpkins! 🙂

Happy Fall!



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