Be Anxious for Nothing! January 9, 2021

Be Anxious for Nothing! January 9, 2021

Happy New Year!! I have to say that in past years I have not been a fan of making new years resolutions. For the most part it seems like a definite way of setting ones self up for failure. I hate to fail at anything! So why make goals and promises that I probably can’t keep for all 365 days? However, this year I feel differently. This year has already started out a different kind of year for many many reasons. So I actually did make some resolutions this year. In fact, we sat down as a family and made some resolutions together too! I don’t know if I will be successful at keeping all of them, but hopefully it will help me keep in mind some things I want to focus on.

I also have a scripture verse that I am claiming this year! “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:6-7 It has been sticking out at me in various places over the last month, and it has spoke to me each time. I love this verse and hope I can live it this year. Especially with all the uncertainty, and changes that are coming over the course of this year.

Speaking of anxiety…Andrew leaves for training in eleven days! We have started this year by cleaning out our garage, decluttering various places in the house, and we are preparing to put our house up for sale. In some respects I always welcome the opportunity to declutter, organize, and get rid of stuff. Anytime we move I always get rid of stuff. I honestly don’t know where or how we get so much stuff! I pretty much hate stuff! I feel like it multiplies all by itself and I don’t even know! My goal in moving this time is to get rid of as much stuff as possible! I don’t want to take anything non-essential with us. I feel like it would be so freeing to be rid of stuff! Of course the kids are never going to go for getting rid of their toys, so I guess I’ll have to make some exceptions! 🙂

All this cleaning out is actually helping to distract me from the fact that Andrew is fixing to leave for three months. Because of covid we won’t be able to travel and visit him in person! I am thankful we have facebook portal technology! We will be able to see and talk to him that way at least! We will miss him terribly! I worry about how the kids will hold up during this long of a separation. I worry about the emotional effects it could have, and how I can make sure I am supporting them through this. I don’t know how the next several months are going to play out. There are so many things I just don’t know. I am fully putting my best foot forward, and embracing living life on the edge! We could use your prayers…, and if any of you have any life experience of this sort, please share! I would love to hear your stories, experiences, and advice. I am trusting in God, and know that all things will work together for good.

David started virtual school back this week! I resumed preschool activities with Emma, and Samuel likes to sing his abc songs and identifies his colors, etc. 🙂 I have become a lot more relaxed with the whole school at home, and I enjoy the freedom of the schedule. It will definitely be an adjustment for us this fall if we decide to do traditional schooling again. We also enjoyed some special moments of falling snow this week! It snowed pretty hard for quite a while but didn’t stick to the ground. I think there is another chance this coming week for snow, so hopefully it will stick.

Blessings and Peace for this new year!



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