Facetime Fun! January 31, 2021

Facetime Fun! January 31, 2021

Since I started blogging a few years ago, one of my main objectives has been to be honest and real in my writing. I want you to know that we are a real family just like all other families with the good, the messy, and the in-between. My personality is that of the glass half full, so I naturally gloss over the smaller negative things in life that others might tend to dwell on, but that is just me. I hope that in all the posts you have read you have felt either encouraged, inspired, or like part of the family! It is never my intention to make anyone think that “I have it all put together”, or that I am “an amazing mom”, or anything even close to that! The one thing I am proud of is that now I have this treasure trove of stories and pictures for my family and I to look back on! I guess I say all this because I want people to know that what we are going through right now is no walk in the park! In the midst of my mirage of smiling pictures and stories, there is a deep down sadness right now. One that I suspect won’t go away until April 24th. I know it is even harder still for my husband, who is not only separated from us, but going through army basic training (need I say more!), and drastic changes in every aspect. I am so thankful that we are still able to communicate with him, and see him through facebook portal! Please keep Andrew in your prayers, and if you are a close friend I ask you to reach out to him and send him a word of encouragement!

Here are a few pictures of us facetiming with Andrew! David loves to use the effects on the messenger app! That’s why I have some kind of dragon on my head. 🙂

For now the kids and I are keeping our usual routine, and are surrounded by family and an amazing community of people that are helping to support us. There is an angel heaven sent who’s name is Pam. She has been coming to our house in the late afternoons into the evenings and helping me out. I’m sure she could tell you a story or two about the Kjorlaug’s! 😅 The kids have actually been doing really well. There has been some boundary pushing this past week, especially at meal time, to see what they can get away with. I pray that I will be able to stand my ground, and still be a loving parent. It’s a difficult balance in my mind, and I find it taxing at times.

Last weekend we went to my parents house. We celebrated my Dad’s birthday! We had a hot dog and marshmallow roast, and went hiking in the woods around my parents house, played games, and had birthday cake! We had a great time, and the kids loved spending time with Papa and Nana!

Sunday evening when we returned home from Dad and Mom’s house, we had pizza and movie night with Andrew! We have also played some family games with Andrew this way. For those of you who have similar experiences, what ways do you spend time with family long distance? Is there certain apps or games you use to spend time together? Would love to hear about it!

Pizza and Movie night with Dad!

Monday and Tuesday were unusually warm this past week, and Tuesday I decided we needed to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I took the kids to the zoo, and we spend a couple hours walking around. It was a beautiful day, and a great morale booster! 🙂

While Andrew is away, I am flexing my cooking muscle a little more! I enjoy cooking and it typically is fun for me. One of the recipes I made this past week was an herb roasted pork tenderloin! The meat was so tender and juicy, and it paired well with the peach glaze. The kids really loved it, and Emma especially liked the glaze! I had reserved some and put it on the table. She was dipping her roll, and everything else into it! I may have as well. 😉

I bought Fred and Ethel this cat carrier for later on when we have to do some traveling. They can both fit in it comfortably and I also believe a small litter box will fit as well. I folded it out so they could get used to it. I believe they like it! I have never traveled long distance with cats before. Hopefully they will ride well!

Fred and Ethel

We had a tea party with Grand-mama Friday afternoon! 🙂 Emma was so excited about having a tea party! She has been asking to do it for some time, and I finally took the opportunity. I bought some cute little valentine cookies and brownie bites, made some earl grey tea, and broke out the real china! The kids thought that was something! They have been asking for afternoon tea everyday since! I love a good afternoon tea myself!



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