Snow Much Fun! February 21, 2021

Snow Much Fun! February 21, 2021

This was a week filled with winter wonderland adventures! It was a once in your youth experience for those in Arkansas! We received seven or eight inches of snow last Sunday night and Monday, plus another five or six inches on Wednesday! The temperatures were deep freezer cold the entire week so it stuck around. We were fortunate to keep our electricity! However, we did lose internet, which was only a minor inconvenience. I just reminded my self and told my kids that this was how things used to be when I was a kid. We watched what came on the local tv station, and actually used our DVDs. 🙂 We had enough food to last the entire week and so we stayed inside and enjoyed the warm, played in the snow, and did fun snow activities all week long!

The first day we went out in the snow the temperatures and the wind were so cold!!! The kids literally lasted about ten minutes! We spent more time putting on extra shirts, pants, socks, shoes, coats, gloves, and hats than playing in the snow! 😅 Samuel’s reaction the first time out was, “It’s too cold! I want to go back in.” He also didn’t like the fact that the snow drifts were too deep for him to walk in. David, and Emma especially, loved the snow! Emma liked making snow angels, and David wanted to have snow ball fights.

I might have enjoyed playing in the snow just as much as the kids this week!

My Snow Angel

Wednesday when we went outside it was snowing. The kids were catching snowflakes on their tongues.

Samuel finally warmed up to the snow. He decided to lay down and make a snow angel too. 🙂

The first few days involved going out into the snow and discovering the awe and wonder of it all. For about ten minutes. Then coming inside to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate. 🙂

Hot Cocoa

The real fun began about Thursday through Saturday. The temperatures were slightly warmer and we were able to stay out longer. We discovered giant ice cycles and made snow cream on Thursday! Emma had fun scooping the snow for the snow cream and helping me make it. Snow cream is not something I remember vividly from my childhood. I’m sure we probably did, but I just don’t remember it. So making snow cream was a new experience for me too! I was surprised at how easy it was to make. David and Samuel loved it, but Emma thought it was too cold. I enjoyed the taste of it, but I think because it was so cold I found it hard to eat very much.

Friday we went for a walk and found a slope by the pond just perfect for sledding! We walked back to the house and grabbed our beach boards. We don’t own a sled, but discovered that beach paddle boards work great on the snow too! The kids had a blast!! We sledded for a long time. My tail bone was sore on Saturday! 🙂 I took videos of the kids sledding, and I wish you could see it! Pictures didn’t quite do it justice!

Saturday we went back to sled some more! We discovered the snow was melty enough to build a snowman! We built one down by the pond while we were sledding. After we finished sledding we came back to the house and built another one in our yard! David built his own little snow man too! He was proud because it was his first ever snowman. 🙂

Today the snow melted quite a bit as the temperatures were well above freezing. We were able to leave the house this afternoon, and go get a pizza! 🙂 I feel sad that the snow is melting, but at the same time glad to be able to get out and about again.



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