Beach Adventures Part 2. April 21, 2021

Beach Adventures Part 2. April 21, 2021

We were very fortunate to have LOTS of visitors while we were at the beach! Our first set of visitors was Stacy (known as Mimi) and cousins! The beach was so much fun with cousins around to play with! The amount of energy flowing around the house with five little’s was staggering!!! 🙂 At least they had the beach to wear them out! There were a couple of partly rainy days, and we had to come up with some games and activities to entertain. My nephews, Henry and Patrick, are basically the same age as Emma and Samuel. They all played very well together.

Get ready for a picture overload! I literally can’t help it! 🥰 Look for the one with the, wait…is that an alligator or a log on the beach? 🤔😁

Palm Sunday and Easter were both very different again this year. However, I can say that I truly enjoyed spending them at the beach. We literally got to have Palms around us on palm Sunday, and we loved getting to see the sun rise over the ocean on Easter Sunday morning! Palm Sunday was Alesia’s last Sunday with us at the beach, and her and Jim headed back home that Wednesday. We were truly blessed to have them stay so long with us! The pictures of the kids and myself in front of the Palm tree was taken on Palm Sunday of course. The other one was taken in the little garden area in front of the house. Plus I had to throw in some more beach time pictures because, well, that’s what we did the whole time. I love the pictures of the kids buried in the sand. Emma wanted to be a mermaid, and so Samuel wanted to be one too! 🙂

My parents came to visit over Easter weekend! It was the first real beach vacation my parents had ever been on. They loved it! There was a cool snap that weekend, but we still had a great time. We went to the local aquarium, we went hiking and actually did see a real alligator, we went fishing and spent time on the beach where we were lucky enough to see dolphins REALLY close up by the beach! It was spectacular! My dad loves to fish! We spent pretty much a whole day on the fishing pier. Ocean fishing was a new and fun experience. We did see a few people catch really big fish! Please notice the picture of my dad and his fish! 😜 He actually ended up catching a few decent size catfish.

We celebrated Easter Sunday by getting up before dawn, and booking it down to Fort Gaines where there was a community Easter sunrise service. Even though it was super early to get every one up, dressed, and out the door, I was so glad that we did!! It was an awesome, meaningful experience! It was beauty that only God can create!

Later that morning we had a brunch consisting of ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, stuffed eggs, rolls (from the frozen section 🙂 ) and pig lickin’ cake! I actually did make the cake! 🙂 Then the kids were super excited to have their egg hunt. My parents hid eggs all around the house, and the kids hunted eggs. David of course found most of them, with it trickling down the line. Later that afternoon we went down to the beach to fly the kites that Nana had bought the kids for Easter. Emma especially loves flying kites. She loves to run with them anyway. The kites flew really well, for a couple days, then the wind and the trees got the better of them. 🙂

Later that Sunday evening and the next day David, Samuel, and Nana were hit by some kind of cold/fever germ. They were under the weather for about twenty-four to thirty six hours. My parents departed for home that Monday. We had a great time, and hated to see them leave so soon. We were blessed that David and Samuel recovered quickly, Emma and myself remained healthy, and we were able to get back out to the beach and enjoy the weather!

In between all these visits, the kids and I had some days to ourselves. We spent as much time outside as possible, we made sure to try pretty much all the different food on the island, we built tons of sand castles and collected more seashells than we could bring back home with us, we picnicked at a couple different park areas (one with gigantic trees), and made lots of great memories. The picture of Samuel asleep on the couch after a long day on the beach is the perfect picture of beach life. 😄

Emma is in the princess stage right now. She loves to wear pretty dresses and jewelry. My mom made her the sundress with butterflies and she loves it! She wanted to show it off, and so we took pictures. My favorite though is of her flaming red hair in the pictures of her sitting and playing by the water.

Stay tuned for Part 3!



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