Beach Adventures Part 3. April 24, 2021

Beach Adventures Part 3. April 24, 2021

During our last week at the beach Leah and Brandon visited for a few days! We had a great time hanging out on the beach with them, scouting out fort Gaines, and hiking the Bird Sanctuary trails! The kids love their Auntie Leah and Uncle B!

We went to fort Gaines for the Easter sunrise service. We didn’t stay and explore it, and David wanted to go back, and so we went back with Leah and Brandon. He has reached the age where going to places like that is fun. He loved the “castle” look and the cannons. It was also a good little history lesson. So the field trip was a win, win! While we were there Emma fell down and skinned both knees and an elbow. Poor girl! She’s a little like her mama! πŸ™‚ I carried her to the bathroom washed her up, and we continued with only minimal crying. Bless her heart, she is the tough one of the bunch when it comes to getting boo boos. πŸ™‚ While she did cry, it wasn’t a dramatic scene. If it had been David, we probably would have had to leave the fort altogether. πŸ˜…

We were blessed with beautiful weather while Brandon and Leah were visiting! I tried to spend as much time on the beach as possible our last week there. I had mixed feelings about leaving the beach! While time went very fast and I was so excited about getting to see Andrew again, I also didn’t want to leave the beach! I LOVE the beach, and hope to live on the beach someday. It’s a dream of mine!

The day for us to leave the beach arrived, and the kids and I had one last breakfast at the lighthouse bakery! We said our goodbyes as we crossed over the island bridge. A little sad, but excited for our next adventures.

We stopped for lunch at one of Andrew’s favorite BBQ places along the way, Dreamland BBQ, maybe to make him a little jealous. πŸ˜‰

We arrived at our next temporary stay in our assigned location!

Look at that super awesome looking Army dude! Who is that? Would someone introduce us please?!?!!! 😍

I can’t wait to share our next adventures with you!



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