How Sweet It Is! April 30th, 2021

How Sweet It Is! April 30th, 2021

Andrew’s home!!!! I really can’t describe the feeling I had when he walked through the door! It was incredible, and we are so happy to have him back! We spent the few days before Andrew came home preparing for his arrival. We settled into our air b&b, made a welcome home sign, and ordered a special cake! Last Thursday morning we watched Andrew graduate from CH-BOLC! I am so proud of him!!! We then waited all day for him to arrive home. I prepared dinner, and had everything ready for when he arrived. When Andrew finally pulled into the driveway, I announced to the kids that Daddy was home. They ran to the door and shrills and screams began to ensue! He got clobbered coming into the doorway, and everyone had to make sure they had hugs and kisses. Myself included! 🥰 I still can’t take my eyes off Andrew when he is wearing his uniform! I mean, my gosh, he is so good looking!!! 😊

We all shared in our first meal together which consisted of pot roast, carrots, scalloped potatoes, and green beans. The cake I had made was red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and it was delicious! The kids loved the cake too! 😂 David maybe ate a little too much cake!

We have been soaking in all the time that we can possibly get with Andrew! The kids have enjoyed playing with Dad again. We have been exploring our new hometown! We have been going to different parks and playgrounds, and we took the kids bowling. (The first time we have been bowling in over a year!) We had a blast! Sunday we went to church-in person! It was a beautiful church, and it was wonderful to hear a real pipe organ, beautiful music, and worship together-all of us in a pew!

We are looking forward to getting settled in our home this coming week! There is so much to do, learn, and experience in the next several weeks! We are excited for what the future holds, and I feel very blessed!



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