“Strawberry Fields Forever” May 12, 2021

“Strawberry Fields Forever” May 12, 2021

We have FINALLY moved into our “permanent” home! I am so happy to no longer be living out of suitcases! That being said, moving is moving, and no matter who helps you or how you do it, it’s exhausting!!! After completing our first military moving experience, I can now give you my honest feedback. It’s definitely a lot easier on the front end. They did pretty much all the packing, and they did all the loading. On the other end, however, we ended up doing a lot of work. The two guys came and unloaded the truck, and for that we are thankful! They put all the boxes in the correct, appointed rooms. Andrew and I tried to unpack as many boxes as possible on the unloading day, because the guys would take the boxes and packing paper and dispose of it for us. I think it’s safe to say that we unpacked about seventy-five percent of the house that first day! Then the next several days were spent unpacking more boxes, organizing the kitchen, hanging pictures, etc. The bottom line for me for our next move though, is that we need to get rid of more stuff! I honestly don’t know how that is possible considering how much I already disposed of before we moved, but it is obvious that we still need to pare down quite a bit! We have way too many toys and books! That probably sums up at least fifty percent of our belongings!!! SIIIIGGHHHH!!! It’s the by product of years of education and three kids! 🙂

I am thankful that after only a week, we are starting to feel settled in to our new home! Andrew says that he knows we are finally moved in when we can park both cars in the garage! It’s true in many respects! We are to the point of decorating and deciding what we like where, and that is the fun part of settling in.

This picture is of the kids having their first breakfast in our new home! While the kitchen is not the kitchen we had in Marion, it’s still very nice and I like that the kids can sit at the island and eat!

Andrew started work officially at Fort Campbell this week! We are excited for what the future holds. We have discovered that the world of military life is like being in a foreign country in many respects! We are both going to have to overcome a very steep learning curve, and hope we don’t make too many blunders along the way! ☺ Please keep us in your prayers! Andrew has been up early for PT every morning, while I turn over and go back to sleep!😂 You see, I told you this was going to be so difficult! Don’t worry, Samuel wakes me up generally between six-thirty and seven every morning.

I looked up strawberry picking around Clarksville, and found a few places. So we went and checked out the strawberry fields! This was our first strawberry picking adventure! We had so much fun!! The kids loved picking strawberries and we ended up with almost two whole gallons of strawberries! We talked about all the delicious food we could make with those strawberries on the ride to and from. Strawberry short cake was first on the list! We probably ended up with a gallon and a half of strawberries by the time I finished coring them. The kids had to “taste” the strawberries, and they kept tasting and kept tasting…!:)

So I made Strawberry short cake for dessert last night! Homemade buttermilk biscuits, fresh strawberries and whipped cream! It was everything we had imagined!! 🙂

This is me and our three on Mom’s day! So thankful for beautiful, healthy babies! Our mother’s day was very relaxing and low key! We were all so tired from the week, that we nearly forgot about it! 🙂



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