A Dead Run. May 23, 2021

A Dead Run. May 23, 2021

I feel like since we arrived here in Clarksville that we have been going, and going, and going…except I’m not the Energizer bunny! My battery is getting low! I’m starting to really long to be back at the beach!!! Since Andrew arrived from training we have made trips to Arkansas to retrieve stuff that we left here and there, and then we finally moved into our house. Since we moved I have been working on getting things done around the house. First, I painted an old dresser and mirror that was given to us for Emma. Before we moved I painted the chest of drawers that she was using and gave it to Samuel. He has outgrown his changing table and baby bed!πŸ˜ͺ Emma loves her “new” dresser! It makes her feel grown up! I think I did a pretty good job painting it! The dresser was a dark scuffed up brown color before. Emma helped pick out the handles for the drawers. She likes her bling. πŸ™‚

Before we moved I went on this selling binge. I sold some pretty significant furniture in our house. All on the thoughts that we would be moving into a smaller house on post. However, that is not how things turned out! Andrew had a change of heart as to where he thought it would be best for us to live. Plus it turns out that the house we are renting is the former chaplain’s house at our current post! They wanted to rent their home, it’s a beautiful home, and just the right size for our family too! You just never know how things are going to work out!! Anyway, because of my selling binge we moved into this nice size house with not enough furniture! We were short a few beds due to Samuel no longer sleeping in his baby bed, I sold David’s bed, and Emma’s was damaged in the move. The beds are my priority, and so I have spent the last couple weeks shopping for beds, and putting beds together! I put Samuel’s bed together, and we got David’s bunk bed put together. I have found some great deals on beds, but if I never have to put another bed together as long as I live, I will not be disappointed! Why do they make things so complicated! I feel like I have earned a degree in assembly the past couple weeks! We are still waiting to hear about Emma’s replacement bed, but will probably have to put that together too!

Samuel loves his big boy bed!! They all love David’s bunk bed! What is it that makes kids so excited about bunk beds? I remember having that same excitement when my sister and I got our bunk bed as kids. David was also super excited about getting Super Mario bedding. He has been on a Super Mario kick lately, and wanted to decorate his room in Super Mario.

Andrew has hit the ground running (pretty literally πŸ™‚ ) at his new job. He was out in the field most of last week. I think he is working hard to figure things out at his job, and it is both physically and mentally tasking right now. He is pretty exhausted by the end of the day! I think things will start to get easier as he overcomes the learning curve, but because he has no prior military experience that curve is pretty steep. Please keep him in your prayers! I know he will be an amazing chaplain!

Captain Chaplain Kjorlaug

Since we have been together here in Clarksville we have enjoyed our Sundays together! Not that we were not together on Sunday’s before, but Andrew was almost always very busy on Sundays. Lately we appreciate being able to sit in the pew together with no responsibilities. That will probably change some as we progress and things change, but for now we are taking advantage of it! We are loving our back deck, and being able to eat meals outside! Last Sunday we had a quiet lunch on our back deck.

We have also found a couple restaurants we really like to go to downtown. One of the restaurants has games that you can play while you wait for your food. The kids love it! Today they played arcade games, and Emma and Samuel practiced their shapes while playing the “perfection” game. πŸ™‚

I think that things will slow down soon. In the mean time we are trying to take advantage of our time together, we are learning about new places and things, and making more memories.



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