Hot Springs! June 7, 2021

Hot Springs! June 7, 2021

Last week we took a trip to Hot Springs, AR! It was a work-cation trip for Andrew since the general annual conference of the Arkansas United Methodist Church met in Hot Springs. Andrew was granted TDY (temporary duty travel) in order to attend. For the kids and I, it was ALL play! 🙂 Hot Springs is a fun and unique place to visit! It has historical bath houses where you can go and literally take a hot bath! It is the original home of baseball’s spring training. There is an amusement/water park, a science museum, an alligator farm, and lots of eclectic store front shops! Not to mention some really great restaurants! However, Hot Springs holds a special place in our hearts for a very different reason. It is the place Andrew and I became parents! Eight years ago we were in the middle of moving from Hot Springs village to Cabot. I was nine months pregnant during that move!! Moving in and of itself is miserable enough. Try doing it nine months pregnant! Anyway…I didn’t want to switch doctors at that point, and so we traveled back to Hot Springs for my appointments. The doctor offered to induce since we lived so far away, and so on June 25th 2013 David was born! We enjoyed telling him about his birthplace this past week. In fact, the hotel we stayed in was right next door to the hospital where he was born!

While Andrew was attending conference sessions the kids and I swam in the hotel pool! It was a heated, indoor pool and we all had a great time. The kids LOVE swimming! We could have spent our whole vacation just swimming in that pool, and they would have loved it! However, they would have missed out on some other great adventures. 🙂

When I was a kid I remember my parents taking me to Gatorland zoo in Florida. I remember always having a good time, and we enjoyed watching the gator feedings and petting the other animals. The gator zoo in Hot Springs is similar, just on a smaller scale. The kids loved petting the bunnies, chickens, goats, and sheep. They also each fed the small gators by holding a stick with a hot dog piece on the end. The gators snapped it off so quick! They also had a gator for the kids to hold and touch. Visiting the gator zoo is a fun experience if you have never done it. We all had a good time!

Andrew was able to break away from conference long enough to go to the zoo and the science museum with us! The science museum was a fun experience as it had a lot of hands on activities both indoor and outdoor. My heart loves the pictures below! I caught David and Emma holding hands…💕🥰 They don’t always fight! 😅

We had a great mini-cation, and are looking forward to the summer ahead! David and I survived a whole year of schooling at home! We are both ready for a break. I am proud to say that David did really well this year all things considered. His grades were great, ninety-five percent of the time he did his work without complaint, and he put up with me all year! 🙂 We enjoyed the flexibility of the schedule, but David missed having friends, and all the fun school activities. We are excited to try going back to school in the fall, but also a little anxious as to how that will go after being away from it for so long. At least we have a couple months before having to make that transition.



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