2nd Grade! August 13, 2021

2nd Grade! August 13, 2021

How is this cutie pa-tootie in second grade?!?!?!?! My heart melts at this picture, and I feel like there is a big smoggy blob clouding my brain from the time David was born till now because I can’t understand how time has brought us to this point!! David is such a smart boy and I am so proud of him!

We bought school supplies, school clothes, and the boys got back to school haircuts! David was excited about going to school after we went to his open house, met his teacher and saw his classroom. He says his favorite subject is recess though! 🙂

David has had a great first week of school. He has done really good, and while it is going to take some time for us to get used to the routine, we are excited for this school year. We are lucky that school does not start until 8:55! This means we don’t have to get up any earlier than we already do. The kids wake up at 7:00am any way.

David loves to read! A few weeks ago we bought him his first Bible to read. He had a kid Bible that he would read, but one night before bed he pointed out that the story of Cain and Abel was not in his Bible. So we decided it was time for a grown up Bible. Now Andrew picks chapters for him to read, and he has been reading it before he goes to bed. This evening when I went to check on him he was reading his Bible. It was a precious moment. When David was about four or five we talked about Jesus living in our hearts, and heaven, and how we need to be sorry for our sin and ask forgiveness. He asked Jesus into his heart with me leading him in prayer. I was so proud of him! It’s not something I have been pronouncing everywhere because while my heart pours with joy over it, I am also cautious about it. I also did this at a very young age, and have felt the need to do it many times since. (If for no other reason than my own reassurance.) I think we grow and change as human beings and having that relationship with Christ is something we work on continually. I don’t mean to open up a theological debate here because I know there are many different opinions on just this topic! I sincerely want to my children to know the love of God, and His wonderful grace and companionship. I don’t want them to fear over the condemnation of their souls in eternity! Phew!!! That’s a heavy topic! I digress!!

We visit the library almost weekly, and David has learned to research books using the library online catalog. He found a book about video games he wanted to check out. It was in the YA section so it was a really thick book, but he insisted on reading it! He loves anything Super Mario right now, and loves learning about video games. I just hope he applies this same enthusiasm for his school work this year! LOL!

In between David’s first half day of school and his first full day of school, there were a couple days off! I wish they would have done this when I was a kid!! We always started full blast!😅 We went to the trampoline park!! It was so much fun, and it was the first time for me to go! I loved it as much as the kids! 🙂 We jumped for an hour, and plan on going back! It was great fun and a good way to expend some energy in this ridiculous heat! Samuel apparently watches a Blippi clip about a trampoline park because he kept saying Blippi was here! 😂 I can’t really stand Blippi… but Samuel seems to like him. I also made the mistake of taking my phone with me in my pocket, and I lost it in the foam squares!! Talk about moments of terror! I frantically went digging through the foam pit to find it! Just picture that for a second. Finally I stepped on something not soft, and reached under to find my phone! Talk about major relief! I feel like I am always losing my phone! Whether it’s leaving it on top of the car, dropping it in the pond, or just not remembering where I laid it down. It’s a serious problem!😏



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