Pre-K and More! August 22, 2021

Pre-K and More! August 22, 2021

Emma and Samuel started their parents day out program this week! They both did really well, and only had a couple minor moments of apprehension. I love the parents day out program for many reasons. One it is more than just child care. They have a routine and a curriculum. It is a nurturing environment. It gives me a break! Ideally Emma would be going to a four or five day a week program since she is going to be five in October, but that is not how it worked out. By the time we arrived in Clarksville all the full time preschool programs were at full capacity with waiting lists. We were blessed to find the PDO program that we did. It not only had open spots for both Emma and Samuel, but it is right across the street from David’s school with drop off times where I can drop David off, and then Emma and Samuel. So it couldn’t have worked out any better really. To fill in the gaps we are doing some extra preschool work at home, and enjoying this final year together before Emma starts kindergarten! It will go all too quickly I know.

Samuel looks so cute carrying his little backpack! 🙂 He takes his favorite blanket with him to school for nap time. This is a total new experience for him, since he has only ever been at home with me really. He expressed his desire to stay home with me very plainly before school. Once he realized that wasn’t going to happen, he then started asking for me stay with him at school. He definitely knows how to tug on mama’s heart strings! 🙂 Once we arrived and he became interested in a toy I was able to leave without too much of a fuss. He did great the following school day, and I hope he continues to behave that well at drop off.

Emma did great the first day, and has been so excited to go back to school. In fact she has been praying for over a year and a half for school to start back! 🙂 She does remember going to the PDO program in Marion, at least vaguely. She is excited about learning, and making friends. She wanted to take her stuffed unicorn, “Rainbow”, to school with her. Her teacher was kind to let her bring it. 🙂 She did have some tears the second school day at drop off. I think it is because she realized after the first day, that the school day was a little longer than she anticipated. Plus just getting back into that type of routine and environment again is difficult. I checked in a little while after drop off and she was good. I like that the program uses an app where you can communicate with the teachers, get updates about their day and even get pictures! It helps put a mama’s mind at ease! 🙂

My baby girl is growing so fast! We were having a morning cup of tea together in this picture. She likes having tea. It makes her feel grown up. 🙂 Emma loves picking out her own clothes. She is definitely developing her own sense of style. Which somehow genetically she has to have gotten from my sister because heaven knows it’s not from me! Emma has finally changed her favorite color from yellow, to pink for a short time, and now it is purple.

My baby bird! 💗

Speaking of style, Emma picked out a birthday gift for her Auntie Leah a while back. Emma has a pare of heart sunglasses, and she wanted her auntie Leah to have a some glasses like hers. When we were at the mall in Atlanta there was a department store with a whole display of colorful retro sunglasses and Emma picked out these really cute sunglasses for her Auntie Leah. Isn’t that sweet! They are so cute!!😍

“Twinkies” 🙂

It was so nice to celebrate Leah’s birthday together this year! We haven’t had this opportunity often enough, and so I wanted to take advantage of it! We had a fun time together, and lots of food! I made a lasagna and a cheesecake! Leah’s favorite foods! We played games with Emma and Samuel while the guys went to the game store, I cooked dinner, the guys came back home, and then just like that the food disappeared! 🙂



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