Missing My Man! September 19, 2021

Missing My Man! September 19, 2021

Andrew left on Tuesday for JRTC (Joint Readiness Training Center). He will be gone until October 5th or 6th, and we have limited communication too! I am not doing well with this!! 😪 I miss my man!!! Meanwhile we are carrying on here at home with as normal of a routine as possible. The kids are doing better than me, and Samuel keeps asking when can we go to the beach!?! 🙂 I keep telling him soon, as we do have a beach trip planned for when Andrew returns.

I am blessed to have Alesia here for several days to help me out!! I don’t know what I would do without her, and she is the best mom in law ever! 🙂 She helped the kids make a chain calendar so they could see how many days until Daddy returns, and then our beach trip. Samuel wanted to swing it around and play with it. It took some explaining that we needed to hang it up so that each day we could remove a link. He finally relented. 🙂

It has been raining the last several days and on Friday, Emma and Samuel decided to play in the puddles. They drew with chalk in the puddles, which turned into chalk painting, which ended up being the most fun activity ever! Messy as it was! They had chalk hand prints all in the garage, and all over their little selves! I made them go stand in the shower when they were done! David says they look like little zombies in the picture:)

They are all doing well in school. Emma says the only thing she doesn’t like about school is that she has to wear her shoes all day! 😂 She’s like her mom and her Nana! haha! Samuel goes into PDO without even hesitating, he sings the Daniel tiger “grown ups come back” song before drop off. It’s so cute! David is making good grades and doing well in school too. This makes mama feel less anxious about sending them back to school. We pray every morning on our way to school together for a good day, that we can show God’s light to the world through our behavior, and for safety.



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