Samuel is 3! December 20, 2021

Samuel is 3! December 20, 2021

My beautiful boy!

Three years ago we had a beautiful baby boy! He has grown to be the most loving, cuddly, sweet boy. He can melt your heart in a second with his charm. He also has the uncanny ability to be ornery, winey, and very temperamental. It’s his charm that’s kept him here so long! Ha! Just kidding;) He loves music, and loves to watch kids music videos on youtube. Whatever David and Emma are doing or playing with, that’s what Samuel wants too! Most days they actually play together very well.

Samuel loves the kids tv show called Umi Zoomi. He wanted to have an Umi Zoomi birthday party. Unfortunately it’s an older show and not as popular. It’s not among the character themes you can find for birthday parties. I did, however, come across the plush characters on amazon. Samuel was thrilled that the Umi Zoomi team showed up at his party! The look on his face was priceless.:) Samuel wanted hot dogs for his birthday lunch, followed by cake and ice cream. I wasn’t thinking when I made Samuel’s cake, that he really only ever wants to eat the ice cream and ends up leaving the cake. If I would have thought of it, I would have made him an ice cream cake! (Note to self for future birthdays!)

We were going to have a big family party, but both Samuel and myself have been under the weather with some kind of respiratory cold. We’ve had it for almost two weeks and are having trouble shaking it. (It’s not Covid, I got tested.) We didn’t want to risk giving it to other family members right before Christmas, I was a little bummed about not getting to have every one here for Samuel’s birthday, but we ended up having a good, fun and relaxing time together.

We bought Samuel a little karaoke radio that plays built in songs, but also has the ability to connect to devices via blue tooth! (I wish that would have been around when I was a kid!) He loves it! He sang jingle bells only about ten times before I couldn’t stand it anymore! 🙂

In the spirit of birthday celebrations and preparing for Christmas we are enjoying the week off together. Today we decorated ginger bread houses! This is the second year for us to do this, and it is so much fun. The kids love it! Samuel still just wants to eat the candy though! 🙂 This year I went with the smaller houses. They didn’t cost as much, plus they don’t take up as much space. They fit on the window ledge perfectly.

Merry Christmas!


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