Upside Down! February 26, 2022

Upside Down! February 26, 2022

It has taken me several days to decide whether or how to write this blog post. The last week has been very eventful, stressful, and a whole new experience for us. Please understand that in writing this post, in no way am I trying to detract from the horrors that are occurring in Ukraine and my prayers are with those people. Also, this is not a political post expressing my views on the actions of our government. This is merely about the events of our family which have always been the focal point of this blog. Thank you for reading, and for your prayers and support!

Last weekend Andrew and I had a romantic weekend planned! We were going to go to Chattanooga and enjoy a whole 72 hours together. Jim and Alesia were coming to keep the kids, and the whole thing was underway. We were really looking forward to this time off together, as we don’t get to be alone very often. This is one of our downfalls as a couple. We get caught up in work and kids, and tend to put off date nights. Thursday around noon the kids were in school, and this is one of the times when Andrew and I try to grab lunch together if possible. I was making my usual call to Andrew to see about lunch plans. He tells me he is on his way home and needs to talk to me. I was already on my way to post to run an errand. I could tell this was not good, and so I turned around and went back home. Once there he told me that all the weekend passes had been recalled, and that he had to cancel our hotel reservation. He also told me that his unit’s “readiness had been increased”. They were to have their bags packed and ready to go by that afternoon. However, Andrew also said that he wasn’t sure if it was a drill or if it was legit, as they don’t always tell them everything. It is very difficult to describe to you any emotion at that point. I was pretty shocked, numb, and went immediately into military wife, what can I do to help you prepare mode! This was our first experience with anything like this.

The next thirty six hours seemed like an eternity. We are blessed in this aspect though, as I will explain. At this point the thoughts and feelings I experienced are pretty selfish and I am a little embarrassed to admit it. My thoughts went directly to I don’t want to give birth to our fourth child without Andrew at my side! I know this has happened to many wives over the course of history, I just don’t want to be one of them! Also the thought of Andrew not getting to meet our child until she’s at least two or three months old or more is hard to fathom! If they were to have to deploy, it will also be different in that the soldiers would not be allowed technology. They could possibly go weeks or months in-between contact. All these types of thoughts started shooting through my head, and my anxiety went through the roof.

In the army there is always certain people who are named rear D (Rear Detachment). This refers to those who are chosen to stay behind to take care of everything at home. Andrew’s brigade chaplain told him on Saturday that he had recommended him for the rear D assignment. So when/if word were to come for them to deploy, he would be the one to stay behind. At least for the time being. I can’t tell you the emotions of relief I felt when he told me this. It was the only time I was able to cry! I know he will be extremely busy when this happens as there will be a lot for him to deal with, but at least he will be here!

We are extremely blessed in this regard. I know many others who are still waiting to hear if/when they will be departing from their loved one! My prayers go out to all these families, as I have only experienced a small portion of what they are going through. Please be in prayer for our military families.

Upside down!



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