Meet Audrey Renee!!! April 19, 2022

Meet Audrey Renee!!! April 19, 2022

I know I am several blog posts behind at this point due to pre and post birth exhaustion. I have not had the energy to do anything other than necessary tasks, but I am starting to feel more like myself each day. We are so blessed, and I am thrilled to announce the birth of mine and Andrew’s fourth child, Audrey Renee Kjorlaug! She was born on Saturday April 9th, at 7:45pm. Weighing in at 9.1lbs, and 21 inches long. We induced labor, so that process always takes longer, but once things kicked in everything went as smooth and fast as expected. There were no traumatic surprises. We are most thankful for a healthy, beautiful little girl!

The kids were in awe as they came to the hospital to see her for the first time, and each one has their own thoughts, understanding, and emotions about adding a new member to our family. David has been through this two times before and he remembers, so he hasn’t really twitched at all. Even though he has asked to hold her a lot more than I expected. He seems to be pretty proud of her. Emma, while she has done this before, doesn’t really remember as much. She was a little hesitant at first to hold Audrey, but finally did. She loves to help pick out Audrey’s clothes for the day. Samuel is the one I worried about the most because he was the baby. He is mommy’s little guy, and the last couple weeks he has not wanted to let me out of his sight. However, he has done much better than I thought he would. He loves giving her kisses, and helping to throw her diapers away. He has only asked once if we could put her back inside my tummy! 😅😳😄 None of them like to hear her cry, and so I have had to explain multiple times that babies cry because they can’t talk, and that’s their way of communicating. They try to help sooth her by giving her her pacifier. Audrey then immediately spits it out, and mommy is summoned. 🙂

There were some pretty proud grandparents around too! My parents were able to come and be with the kids while we were in the hospital, and then brought them up to visit afterwards. Andrew’s parents were able to come and help out during our first full week home from the hospital. I’m really thankful to have that kind of family and support system! Andrew has paternity leave for a couple more weeks, and so we are adjusting and figuring things out as a family. I love the pictures of our dad’s holding Audrey. They are always a little nervous around the newborns. 🙂

Here is a picture dump!🥰 (Bringing Audrey home from the hospital. The kids made a welcome home sign with Grand-mama for Audrey. Proud biggest brother. Me and my girls! Emma finally wanted to hold Audrey! Beautiful precious angel!)

Stay tuned for another blog post soon! I am excited to share our Easter adventures!



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