Easter 2022!

Easter 2022!

Audrey’s due date was initially the weekend of Easter. Easter is a very special day because it’s the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the promise of life he has given us. This is what we believe and teach our kids. Yes, they love the Easter egg hunts and candy, but we do our best to instill in them the reason for Easter is Jesus resurrection from death to life. Easter is one of the most celebrated Sunday’s of the year! I love Easter, and there was no way I was going to miss Easter service short of something catastrophic. Thankfully Jim and Alesia were with us Easter morning to help us get out the door! Everyone was dressed in their Easter best, and we were off to church!

The Saturday before Easter we were busy making some preparations for the big day! Alesia brought some Easter eggs for the kids to paint! The kids had fun painting their eggs, and then later had an egg hunt planned by Grand-mama and G-pa. (I have never been into the whole dying eggs thing. I didn’t grow up doing it, and so maybe I just don’t understand the fun or purpose of it. Maybe I just need to be convinced that it’s something worth investing my time and eggs on! 🙂 )

In the middle of caring for a newborn and everything else, I managed to make deviled eggs, yeast rolls, and my favorite pig pickin’ cake recipe. (This cake has many different names. I can’t remember what my grandmother used to call it, but it is my favorite! I make it almost every Easter because it reminds me of her.) Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to take pictures before everything was mostly devoured. Hopefully when Audrey is a little bigger and things get into more of a routine I can get my brain back, and remember to do things like taking food pictures for my blog! 🙂

Easter service was wonderful! It was revitalizing to hear the Easter music, sit together with my family, and watch the kids participate in the Easter activities. (Audrey did well, and was mostly happy. She remained covered in her seat a majority of the time. It’s a good thing babies like to sleep in those things!)

Easter afternoon Leah and Brandon came over to visit Audrey! Leah and I had fun taking some baby pictures! I should say Leah took some amazing pictures! 🙂 Here are a few of my faves! She’s beautiful! 🥰 I know, I’m prejudice!



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