Mom’s Day May 15, 2022

Mom’s Day May 15, 2022

Please forgive my lateness in posting. I am a little busy these days! I guess better late than never though. Last Sunday we celebrated Mother’s day. I am so blessed and thankful to have my mom around, and that we were able to celebrate this day together. I love that we currently live close enough in proximity to both my sister and parents that we can all get together easily over a weekend. I am being spoiled by it, I’m sure. 🙂 I am blessed to have a loving and caring mom. She has always been supportive of my endeavors. I appreciate my mom so much more now that I am a mom. It makes me realize all she went through! Thanks mom! 🙂

My sister took some great pictures, and I am always good at stealing them for my posts (with permission of course). 😉 I love the picture of Dad and Mom below. 💕 They are so great! They have been together a few plus decades. 🙂 They enjoyed lovin’ on the grands!

I love that we had so many bodies sitting on our sofa! The only ones missing are my bother and his family! They live rather far away, and their kids are mostly grown. My oldest niece and nephew are making their own way in the world, but it would be wonderful if one day soon we can squeeze everyone in!

After lunch chill out!

Andrew and the kids showered me with mother’s day gifts. I was given some beautiful flowers, a new cookbook, and a jar of fresh peach preserves. 🙂 I was also given lots of hugs and kisses! Below are a few random pictures taken from mother’s day, and the previous week. I love all my babies, and I’m very proud and blessed to be their mom!

Proverbs 31. I think of my grandma Betty. Every year on Mother’s day she would read the virtuous woman passage. Precious memories!



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