Summer Bucket List! June 6, 2022

Summer Bucket List! June 6, 2022

Summer time, I am loving it! There are so many fun things to go and do this time of year, but what I love most is not having to go and do anything. I like being able to sleep later (or at least know that sleeping later is a possibility if I didn’t have very young children waking me up 🙂 Ha! ). I like not having to leave the house by x time to get kids to school. I enjoy spending time doing fun activities with the kids. Since Audrey is so small, our summer bucket list does not include a lot of long trips, but rather fun things to do around the house and in our local community.

We went to try a new restaurant down town last Sunday evening, and had to wait quite a while for a table. Luckily there is a park area just walking distance from the restaurant, and so we had a fun time watching the kids play. The weather was beautiful and not too hot as long as we were in the shade. Audrey had fun talking to her mama. 🙂

There have been a couple of pretty hot days, and so we made it out to the splash pad! The kids had a fun time. I’m sure we will be visiting the splash pad again. 🙂

David and Emma had a blast at Vacation Bible School this weekend! The theme was “‘HayDay; Growing in Friendship with Jesus”! They talked about how much fun the crafts, music, and stories were, but they both loved game time! The games were what they talked about the most. David also says he made a good friend. Samuel was too young, but will be able to stay and participate next summer. He got to spend some special time with Mom. 🙂

We will be doing a lot of library and story time this summer too. Our local library does a great summer program!

Emma says she wants to have a lemonade stand. So we will plan to have a lemonade stand at some point this summer.

David has a birthday coming up soon. He has been into Harry Potter lately, and so I am going to do a Harry Potter themed party. We have allowed him to read and watch through the Goblet of Fire. He will have to wait a while to finish the series. He is growing so fast! I am also thrilled to announce that David loves “I Love Lucy!” I am so happy to have someone to watch “I Love Lucy” episodes with! We are slowly working our way through the seasons together. 😊💗

Mostly the kids have been playing in their little pool in the back yard. Playing with water guns. Blowing lots of bubbles. Playing with sidewalk chalk, and riding bicycles and scooters. Emma is learning to ride her bicycle without training wheels. I predict she will be an expert by the end of the summer. 🙂

What’s on your summer bucket list? I would love to hear about your different activities and ideas!

Happy Summer!



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