Tribute to Fred. July 24, 2022

Tribute to Fred. July 24, 2022

I don’t like blogging about sad events, but nevertheless they are a part of life. Sadly, a few weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to our sweet cat and good friend Fred. He was not that old of a cat, so I think that makes it somewhat harder to understand. We don’t really know exactly what happened. One day he was fine, the next he wasn’t. We think he had a stroke of which the cause we do not know. Both cats were inside during the turn of Fred’s health. We can only surmise that perhaps Fred and Ethel were playing and Fred fell off the stairs, or perhaps was running so fast that he ran into something and hit his head. It was not uncommon for them to play during the night hours. The kids and I happened to be out of town visiting my parents. Andrew was home at the time and found him the morning after, and took him to the doctor. The left side of his body was not functioning properly. We held out hope for a couple weeks that he would recover, but instead he kept getting worse. He reached the point where he was hiding from us for long hours. One night I found him laying in the middle of a pile of stuffed animals in David’s closet after searching for him for almost thirty-six hours. It was then that I knew he was dying. David and I wept over Fred that evening because we knew our sweet cat was not going to get better. The kids were able to love on Fred the next morning before Andrew took him back to the doctor. The veterinarian told us there was nothing we could do, and that he was probably in pain. Andrew stayed by his side as they put him to rest.

Fred was such a sweet kitty. He would cuddle with us on the couch. He loved soft blankets, and would lie down anywhere where there was a plush blanket. I often cover up with a blanket in the evenings when I’m sitting on the couch, and he would always come lay down on me. He was great at catching unwanted critters. He would often come up to the door with a mouse or a mole. Fred and Ethel were very close as they were together from birth. Ethel seemed to distance herself from him though several months back when Fred had to spend the night at the vet. due to a urinary infection. So while I’m pretty sure she misses him, it’s hard to tell. In fact, Andrew and I joke that maybe she pushed him down the stairs on purpose so she could claim all the cat treats for herself. 🙂

We will always love and miss Fred!💔


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