Summer’s End. August 3, 2022

Summer’s End. August 3, 2022

Initially Andrew was supposed to be leaving for JRTC this month. However, he ended up having foot surgery a couple weeks ago. Several months back he dropped something on top of his foot and it caused bone spurs to grow. The surgery was to remove the bone spurs. He will be on medical leave until later this month, maybe longer. I hate that he had to have foot surgery, but I’m not at all disappointed that he gets to be at home. The doctor said the surgery went well, and Andrew seems to be recovering as expected. He is no longer having to take pain medication, he is now able to take a shower (if you know Andrew this is a huge deal!), he can wear flip flops and go places (as long as it’s not too far to walk).

In the midst of Andrew being down with his foot, the kids and I have continued to enjoy the rest of our summer vacation. I can’t believe that summer break is almost over! Emma and Samuel have been taking swim lessons the last couple weeks. This year has gone much better than last. Emma has finally learned to swim! WHOO-HOO!! Samuel is well on his way to learning. He learned important things like how to kick his legs and make ice cream scoops with his arms. 🙂 He probably would have learned as well had I been able to take them to an actual pool and practice with them. It was too difficult for me with Audrey, so we will have to try again next summer when she is bigger.

We also went to visit Auntie Leah and Uncle B this past weekend! This is always a lot of fun. The kids love to play games, and hangout. Leah has the most beautiful flowers! I couldn’t help but take some pictures. 🙂

No summer would be complete without playing in the rain. Luckily it decided to rain some last week! Not storms, but the kind of rain you could play in. The kids were soaked head to toe, and having a marvelous time!

Over the past week I have spent one on one time with each of the kids (with Audrey as our tag along. 🙂 ). I don’t get to do this very often, but I love it when I do. They are growing so fast, and they are each growing into their own little person. David wanted to have lunch at Old Chicago pizza, watch I Love Lucy episodes, and then we went school shopping. I can’t believe he is going into the 3rd grade! He is way smarter than me. He soaks up everything like a sponge! Emma wanted to eat at Steak and Shake where she ordered a Banana milk shake and grilled cheese sandwich, and then I took her school shopping too. She starts Kindergarten in a couple weeks! Boo-hooo-oooo!!!!! Even though I know she is more than ready, and has been for a long time, I’m not sure I am ready. I had to take her clothes shopping because she will only wear what she likes. I have long ago learned to just let her wear whatever she picks out (within reason of course). Sunday is the only day that I demand to pick out her dress for church. During the week she dresses herself. I have stopped buying her clothes without taking her shopping with me because it would just be wasting my time and money. (I know, she’s only five! YIKES!! I’m going to need a lot of prayer when she is older!😬 ) She ended up picking out two dresses, two pairs of leggings, a shirt, a pair of shoes and some socks. The girl knows what she likes! I can’t wait to see what she decides to wear on her first day!😄 For Samuel’s day out, I took him to a play place in town that has a slide and ball pit. He loves it. When he wore himself out, he was ready to go to Sonic. He ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and a strawberry slushy. He’s is so funny. He is the sweetest, most affectionate child. He can also be the most aggravating. I do believe it’s because he feels the need to keep up with the older siblings, plus get attention because he is no longer the baby. It’s not easy being three, let alone being three with three other siblings!



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