“All You Need Is Love” February 21, 2023

“All You Need Is Love” February 21, 2023

The day has finally come! I have used up all my media storage for this site, and I will not be upgrading! πŸ˜„ Luckily I have all my pictures also on Snapfish, so I am not losing any of those precious photos. I have tried downloading my media, but apparently my internet is not fast enough so it always times out before it can finish! UGH!!! I hate technological problems! Anyway, I thought I would throw that out there, as it is one of the many reasons for my lack of blogging lately. I did figure out how to select multiple images on here and delete in bulk, so instead of taking all day it only took me about thirty minutes to delete about four years worth of images. BOO HOO HOO! Looking back on all those pictures just made me depressed, and amazed about how much time has passed!! Since I just freed up some media space, here are some more pictures!πŸ˜…

This year the kids made Valentines day boxes and cards for their school parties, and neighborhood friends. David was very excited about his. He made a Godzilla box. He still loves Godzilla! Samuel just had fun decorating his own box with hearts, stickers and stuff. Emma was not happy that her class had to decorate a bag instead of a box. She felt cheated! So she wasn’t that into it. She’s so funny! I helped her out, and I think she had fun at her class party any way. Emma recently decided to try a new hairstyle. She cut herself some bangs! haha! It took me a while to get the truth from her, but she finally owned up to it.πŸ™„ I then took her to the salon to get her bangs evened out. I do say, she does look super cute with bangs, and she likes them. I told her next time, just tell me she wants to try a new hairstyle and I will take her to get it done. NO MORE SCISSORS ON HAIR PLEASE! 😏 It was Audrey’s first Valentines day! She is now ten months old!! She is getting so big, so adorable, and so much personality!πŸ’•

Andrew bought me a rose for Valentine’s day. This is rose number nine! It has been a tradition that he gets me one every year for Valentine’s day, and Andrew says he is going to keep going until I get a dozen. So three more years! They are all beautiful, and I need to get them all out. He bought me a stand for a dozen, this year too, so I can display them all together. We fixed a special dinner at home, and exchanged gifts as a family. I made lobster mac and cheese, Andrew cooked a couple small filets to go with it, and some steamed broccoli. I also made chocolate mousse for dessert. The kids loved the dessert part of course! Maybe some day Andrew and I will get to have a date night! HA! It’s hard to find a sitter for four!

In other news, I have started playing piano for a local church again. I am super excited about the opportunity! I love learning new music, and I am happy to have the extra motivation to practice. It has been very good for me so far, and hopefully I can share some of that with you soon.



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