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Here are a few documents I have used in the past for my own studio. The student information sheet is what I have used for all my students, for my own personal records. I have also included an example invoice I use for when I purchase materials for my students.

Sometimes it is difficult when obtaining a new student, especially if they are transfers. (Or if you are the new teacher on the block!) I’ve included a list of questions that I always like to ask my students when they come to their first lesson. Sometimes I return to the question sheet with students I have had for a while, and we reassess their answers.

The Do’s and Don’ts for parents I have used for for ever! I think it helps parents understand what their child is going through with piano study, and defines boundaries so to speak.

The Piano practice recommendations is something I hand out to my older students. It helps give them ideas of ways to practice. I verbally go over a lot of this material with all my students though.

Piano Practice Recommendations

Example Invoice

New student questions

Student Information Sheet

Do’s and Don’ts for parents

Example Schedule Sign Up Sheet


Piano Assignments

I try to keep a fresh take on this. So I change what I do and use for this just about every school year. I find changing it up encourages my students to actually look at the paper and hopefully read what I write each week. This year I actually had my students purchase an assignment book. I am using the Alfred’s Piano Assignment Book for the younger students, and the Practice and Progress Notebook for the older ones. There are also other ways of doing this now too, such as email or using websites such as BetterPractice.com  to share information between teacher and students. I find that the old fashioned way still works best for most of my students because they cannot always readily access a tablet or computer.

Pre-school piano assignment sheet

Piano assignment sheet

piano assignment sheet

Piano assignment sheet

Intermediate to advanced piano assignment sheet


Piano Method Review

Piano Method Review

Music Technology

Music Technology