Student Worksheets

 Halloween Worksheets

October 13th, 2017

Here are a couple new worksheets I have added for Halloween. They are designed for elementary level students. My other recently posted resources have been moved to the main page.

Mystery Signs

Tricky Notes

Skeleton Keys

Key signatures


Thanksgiving Worksheets

November 2017

I have designed a few worksheets for my students for the Thanksgiving season. They are for early elementary level students.

Corny Chords

Note Matching Bass Clef

Note Matching Treble Clef

Rhythm Tree

Christmas Worksheets

December 2017

Music Match

Little Drummer


New Year

January 2018

Happy New Year! Matching Game

Happy New Year! Rhythm Worksheet

Time Machine! Elementary


Valentines Day

February 2018

Love notes are note identifying worksheets in both the treble and bass clefs. Heart Beats is a rhythm worksheet that focuses on eighth notes.  Enjoy!

Love Notes-Treble clef

Love Notes-Bass clef

Heart Beats

March Madness

March 2018

Accidental Accident!

Three Point Shoot Out!

Up or Down_