Piano Recitals

A few weeks to a month before recital date my students are hopefully polishing up their pieces! I don’t require my students to play from memory. I have been a little more lenient on this aspect the last four or five years. I feel it is important for a student to play musically and enjoy the experience. If that means they need their music in front of them, then I’m okay with that. Some students perform better from memory, and that is great! I encourage those students to play from memory. During the weeks leading up to recital I like to practice proper recital etiquette with my students. This includes walking on stage, bowing, putting music on the rack if they have it, adjust the bench or piano rack if necessary, taking the time to think about their music before starting to play, picking up their music and bowing after they play, and walking off the stage. I try to be very thorough in going over every little detail. It really makes a difference to the students and their overall experience if they are comfortable in knowing what to do.  I have included a couple handouts I like to give to my students when helping them prepare for recital.

What to do when playing in a recital

Strategies for Reliable Memory in Music Performance

There are many ways to put together a recital. Your imagination is really the limit. Where I work, we do two recitals a year. One in the winter and another in the spring. I like to have my students perform two pieces. For the winter recital one of the pieces is a Christmas song of their choosing.

Example save the date


Piano Recital, Winter 2017

Winson: Rudolph; PBJ Blues

Joanna: Jingle Bells; I’ve Gotta Toccata

Esther: Deck the Halls; The Wild Colt

Jasmine: Silent Night; Theme from The Swan

Sophie: Joy to the World; Alley Cat Caper

Thomas: Deck the Halls; Boogie Brigade

Alex: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing; Scherzetto

Joanna: Singing Away in a Manger (She takes voice from another teacher at CSA. I wish you could have seen her! She is so cute!)

Serina: Santa Clause is Coming to Town; Chopin, Prelude in D-Flat Major.

Priscilla Kjorlaug: Carol of the Bells; Debussy, Prelude from Suite Bergumasque