Prologue: Sept. 30th, 2017

Prologue: Sept. 30th, 2017

Hi! My name is Priscilla. I am the wife of a Methodist minister, mom of three, a piano teacher and musician. I feel inspired to share with you stories of our family, especially our cute kids! I also want to include pedagogical thoughts, resources and theories about my piano teaching career. I hope you love the stories, enjoy the tips, and find some things useful.20171001_104215_hdr.jpg


Beauty at the Beach! Sunday, October 6, 2019

Beauty at the Beach! Sunday, October 6, 2019


We just spent the last week on vacation in Navarre, Florida. It’s kind of an almost yearly tradition of ours to rent a condo with Jim and Alesia, Andrew’s parents, for a week at the beach somewhere. We always have a fabulous time, and this year was no different! The beach (and the company) never disappoints! When people ask me how we liked the beach, no matter what beach it is, I always say as long as there is water and sand, I’m a happy gal! πŸ™‚ I LOVE the beach. My husband tells me I have an unhealthy relationship with the beach. πŸ™‚

The kids did great on the long drive to and from the beach. If there is one thing I can brag about with our kids, it’s that they travel really well! Even Samuel did better than I expected. When traveling I always make sure to have plenty of snacks handy, books, colors and coloring books, and kindles charged! I have no shame when sitting in the car for eight or nine hours about letting the kids watch movies and play their kindle games! It’s how I keep my sanity!

When we arrived at the condo we unpacked, enjoyed the views from our balcony, and then headed down to the beach! That first walk down to the beach is always so exciting! I love the sound of the waves, the smell, and the cool salty breeze! We did not get into the water that evening, but walked along the beach and played in the sand. Later that evening we walked out onto the pier that went out over the ocean next to our condo. The view of the beach at sunset was spectacular.

The next morning we all (all includes Samuel, David, Emma and myself) woke up early! We always wake up early at home, generally before sunrise, but we never get to see the sunrise because we are busy getting ready for the day. At the beach the sunrise was right outside our windows over the ocean waters. I’ve never seen anything so spectacular and beautiful than the sunrises I saw last week. Yes, I said sunriseS! πŸ™‚ Several mornings we walked down to the beach to walk along the shore and view the sunrise.

Aren’t the colors spectacular, and the pictures don’t really do it justice at all! It’s amazing how fast it all happens too! A lot of mornings we scoured the beach in hunt of sea shells, jelly fish, crabs, and anything wondrously mysterious that might have washed up on the beach. I love the picture of the kids on the balcony, and Emma’s bright red hair. πŸ™‚ Her hair is as beautiful as the sunrise. If you look carefully at the picture of David holding his fish net and bucket, he has written his name on the sand. Plus you can see all our foot prints and a hand print. πŸ™‚

Our days consisted of going back and forth from the beach, to the swimming pool, to the condo, and then all over again. It’s the life! πŸ™‚ David is a lot like me and generally loves everything about the beach. He loved playing in the surf, getting buried in the sand, and playing in the swimming pool. Emma was afraid of the ocean, and would only play in the sand. The picture of her sitting on the beach playing with her sand toys was what she was happy doing. Emma is afraid of water anyway, but the sound of the waves I think made it even more scarier to her. Samuel was happy to explore all aspects of his surroundings. πŸ™‚ He loved to play in the sand. Yes, he even tried to eat it a few times.Β  He liked putting his feet in the ocean, as long as it didn’t splash in his face, and he generally loved pool time. As long as he still had his naps throughout the day, he was a happy guy. Oh, and that good looking fellow walking up the beach, he enjoyed beach time too. πŸ˜‰ Andrew is funny about the beach. He likes the ocean, but hates the sand. Go figure, Bwah-hahaha….!!! πŸ™‚ He is so hilarious! I figured out how to get him to help sweep the floor around the house too! Just sprinkle some sand around! He can’t stand it! He loves going to the beach because he knows I love it so much! He’s so sweet!

Mid week we decided to take the kids miniature golfing. They had never been before. It was so great! David is old enough to actually learn how, so we worked with him on how to hold his putter, and hit the ball. Emma had one of those little kid putters and she was so funny. She would swing it with one arm, and then run up and put her ball next to the hole and hit it in. πŸ™‚ This golf place also had twenty-four flavors of ice cream, which we then indulged in afterwards! In case you are wondering, Andrew won. πŸ˜‰

Most of our days ended with the best kind of tired you can be! In fact, the kids were so tired they actually did not want to go crab hunting, but one night! David loved it that night though when we caught several crabs to put in his bucket.

A couple mornings it was just me and Samuel walking the beach to see the sunrise. He was my walking buddy. πŸ™‚ Almost every morning we saw dolphins not far from the shore too!

One afternoon we all dressed up, and went down to the beach to take a few pictures. Jim brought his professional camera for the job! We all then went to dinner. (Speaking of dinner. I ate some of the best broiled scallops, shrimp, and fried alligator I’ve ever had! Yes, I ate alligator) The pictures turned out great! Here are a few of my favorites.


Now back to normal life! LOL!



Grocery Store Happenings! Sept. 19, 2019

Grocery Store Happenings! Sept. 19, 2019

Last week while David was in school Emma, Samuel and I went to the grocery store. We went through the produce section and picked out fruits and vegetables. We then went towards the juice and yogurt section. While picking out yogurt I looked down and noticed that Samuel’s leg was stuck in-between the two medal bars in front of the cart next to the big opening where his leg was supposed to be. I tried to slide his leg out. It wouldn’t budge. I tried every angle, and his leg was not moving! At this point I’m starting to get a little panicked! Plus, Samuel is getting frustrated too. We walk over to the deli area and I ask the sweet lady there for help. She looks down and noticed the problem, and goes to get some crisco butter spray. We lubricate Samuel’s leg. Samuel’s leg still does not budge! By this point we have created quite the scene, and people are starting to come over to help. A couple guys try bending the bars, but cannot. A couple store managers go get a crow bar. Do I even need to even mention how freaked out I am at this point? Emma seems oblivious to what is happening and she is over getting her beloved white powdered donuts to throw in the cart, which she does. Finally the store managers are able to bend the cart enough to get Samuel’s leg out!! Talk about relief for everyone!!! Samuel was just fine and stopped crying immediately, he only had a small bruise. I needed a drink, and I don’t even drink! πŸ™‚ I profusely thanked all the people for helping, and I know those store employees are never going to forget us! We then continued to finish our grocery shopping. I carried Samuel on my hip for almost the rest of the time, I did put him back in the cart for a little while to check out. I didn’t want him to be afraid of sitting in the cart after that! How he managed to get his leg stuck like that I will never know!

Samuel is nine months old today! He is getting big too fast! He crawls like a champion, and walks around everything. He FINALLY cut his four front teeth! Samuel can say Mama and Dada, has the thickest head of hair, is VERY LOUD when he wants something, and is the most cuddly of all our babies.

In the pictures Emma and Samuel are playing in the sand. Emma says she is making the beach. She puts a pile of sand with some sea shells, and then pours a puddle of water. πŸ™‚ We are in beach thinking mode around here because we are headed to Florida in a couple weeks! We are all so excited and ready for a vacation!

Emma had her first day of PDO (parents day out). She goes twice a week, and loves it!Β  (Notice the Zoe photo bomb! πŸ™‚ )

The very day that I took Emma for her first day of PDO I was feeling really depressed! I miss my babies when they are at school! So I decided to go have lunch with David! I was very glad to go spend a few minutes with him.


David loves school! He is doing excellent and making super grades! At his school they have house teams. There are four houses, Emberhart, Finchfeather, Grizzledash, and Oakrivet. Students are placed in a house based on personality and character traits. (If you are familiar with Harry Potter, it’s a little bit like the houses of Hogwarts! πŸ™‚ ) They have a reveal party where all the new kids find out what house they are in, and David was placed in Grizzledash (house traits: courageous, leading the charge, unafraid, responsibility, charisma, passion, and resourcefulness). He was so excited!! A couple weeks later they also have a parent reveal party, and Andrew and I both took the quiz and where placed in Oakrivet (house traits: integrity, honesty, strength, patience, wisdom, and persistence). All traits we are going to need an extra heavy dose of in order to raise our children successfully! πŸ™‚

Ever since Leah and I returned from our trip to Pawhuska, I have been trying some new recipes! One of the pastries I tried at the shop was a blueberry scone. They were divine! I wanted to see if I could recreate them at home. I was pretty close! Not bad for a first try. Mine are not as pretty, but the taste is almost the same. There are a few more recipes I want to try before deciding on my favorite one. Here is the recipe I used for my Blueberry scones. Please don’t think it is the wrong one. It will say Maple Oat Nut Scones when you click on the link. (Yes, I could have just made those, but I wanted blueberry! I never take the easy road!) Here are the ingredients to the recipe: Three cups of flour,(leave out the oats)1/3 cup of sugar, 5 teaspoons of baking powder, 1tsp of salt, two sticks of butter, 1 large egg, 3/4 cup of heavy cream, and blueberries (I cut the blueberries in half, about 1 cup). I then made my own glaze. Just a simple powdered sugar glaze.


I also loved the “blistered” green beans at the restaurant. I wanted to see if I could make them as well. The recipe is really simple! It’s just fresh green beans, sauteed in butter. Then after the beans have softened add some soy sauce, and pepper. They taste really good! Here is the recipe for blistered green beans!




Sister Trip! September 10, 2019

Sister Trip! September 10, 2019

What was a trip planned for four, my mom, mother in law, sister and I, turned out to be a trip for two. Unfortunately my mom and mother in law came down with unexpected illness! Don’t fret, I believe they are both doing better now! While my sister and I missed them, we had a wonderful trip, plus it means we get to plan another trip back soon! πŸ™‚

Leah and I visited Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Home to Ree Drummond also known as the pioneer woman. received_496051517898760

Friday evening after a LONG road trip, we went to the Mercantile for dinner. The food never disappoints, and the service and atmosphere is friendly and fun! I ordered the chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes, Leah ordered the chicken parmesan, and we split an appetizer of cowboy fries! We both tried each others entrees, and I have to say while my chicken fried steak was good, it does not compare to the chicken parm!!! The chicken parmesan was amazing! The portions were huge, way more than we could eat, and so we ended up taking home leftovers!

The next morning we went to the lodge where they film the television showΒ The Pioneer Woman. It was beautiful!!! I was very excited to take this tour as I did not get to when Andrew and I went three years ago. The open fields of Oklahoma are stunning! It’s like looking out over an ocean of fields and prairie grass. There are not words to properly describe the beauty and serenity, it’s one of those things you just have to experience. Even pictures don’t quite do it justice, but here is some anyway! πŸ˜‰

After taking in the beauty of the outdoors, Leah and I began touring the inside of the lodge! Looking around inside where they do all the filming, seeing familiar settings from watching the tv show, peeking inside all the drawers, cabinets, and spaces was so much fun!! πŸ™‚ We may have gotten a little carried away, as you can tell by the overload of pictures! πŸ™‚

I love the open shelving on the walls. They are so beautifully staged. I also loved seeing what was inside the bottom cabinets! They are filled with all kinds of baking utensils, cake decorating stuff, flatware, etc. One had band-aids :), and there were sticky notes everywhere from guests such as ourselves! (I wonder if Ree found the note Leah and I left?) The two pull out drawers on each side of the sink are dishwashers, and a couple on the opposite side of the counter are crispers with apples and brown sugar inside! Probably my favorite part however, was the prop closet. It’s literally filled with all of Ree’s props! I loved seeing all the different colors of stand mixers, insta pots, crock pots, and every kind of dish, baking pan, and kitchen doo dads you could imagine!!

After the lodge tour we went back into town to do some shopping! We toured a lot of the boutiques down town, and then went for lunch at P Town Pizza! One of the top dishes I ate all weekend was the delicious Not Knots that we ordered for an appetizer! They are crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, covered with a garlic butter and parmesan cheese, served with ranch and a marinara sauce. It’s making my mouth water as I type! I have to learn to make these!

We went shopping at the mercantile after lunch! We needed to walk off a few calories! πŸ™‚ I went with a list of things that I wanted to buy for my own kitchen at the mercantile, and found most of them plus some. We had an amazing time! Then, as if we needed any more calories, we went to Charlies sweet shop. It is such a cute and sweet little place. The ice cream is smooth and wonderful. I had cookie dough and birthday cake. (I’m celebrating early;) )

We went later that evening for one last dinner at the Mercantile. I decided to go a little lighter and just order a few side dishes. I ordered the fancy mac n cheese (okay, maybe not so light! πŸ˜‰ ), blistered green beans, and the whiskey glazed carrots! They were all stunning, and I can’t wait to try making them at home! However, I’m not sure I will ever be able to make mac n cheese taste that good. (they brought the green beans later, and I forgot to take a picture)

Leah and I had a blast, and one of the best parts of the whole trip was spending time with my sister! We are both busy people, and while we talk on the phone, our phone conversations more often than not go something like this. “Leah, I have to call you back, Emma just fell and busted her lip.” “Hi Leah! How are ya?…, we’re fixin’ to eat dinner.” “Hey sis, how was your week… Brandon and I are fixin’ to go out on the town”! πŸ˜‰ So it was good to spend some quality time together! We spent over fourteen hours in the car together this weekend, and we still LOVE each other! πŸ˜‰

I also want to point out that my wonderful husband survived a weekend all by himself with the kids!!! He is amazing!! And although a little worn out and slightly frazzled by Sunday evening, he did an amazing job! πŸ˜‰ I missed them all very much, and was happy to be home and give them all lots of hugs and kisses!




Cooking Again! September 1, 2019

Cooking Again! September 1, 2019

We survived a whole week without a kitchen! I had enough food for breakfast and some sandwiches, but let me say I don’t care if I ever eat out again! (At least until like next weekend! πŸ™‚ Going on a girls trip to Pawhuska!!) The kitchen cabinets are installed, our oven and microwave hooked up, dishes and food put away, and we have been cooking again!! As a matter of fact we had the best Sunday pot roast I think I have ever cooked today! It tasted amazing!!! We are still waiting on our counter tops to be installed. Hopefully that will be in the next couple weeks! I can not wait to have it all finished!

Here is what the cabinets look like! I LOVE them! Not only are they beautiful, but we have at least doubled the amount of storage space. I no longer have to put things on top of our cabinets. πŸ™‚

With going out to eat for dinner this week, it was a struggle getting the kids bathed before bed. They got a bath at least twice this week. πŸ˜‰ I usually bathe Samuel in his little blue tub, but I was needing to get bath time done quickly, and decided to just put Emma and Samuel in the same bath. It was actually really sweet! πŸ™‚ Samuel loved splashing the water with Emma! I needed a rain poncho while bathing them, but they had fun. (I have a picture of David and Emma in the bath together when Emma was about Samuel’s age.) Just so precious!

We had a family day at the zoo yesterday! The kids wanted to play in the water, and so we took them in their swim clothes. I took a picnic lunch and we ate at the zoo. It was great to spend time together and just enjoy family.

David has been pushing my buttons lately in church. I don’t know if he thinks he can get away with it because we are in a public setting or what. But today was the last straw for me. It’s hard enough being a “single” mom on Sundays anyway. I say this because Andrew leaves to go to church super early on Sunday mornings, and for obvious reasons he can’t sit with me during the service to help with the kids. Any discipline that needs dished out during church has to be done by me. I’m generally just fine with this role as a parent, but during church I find it difficult.Β  I just want quiet! I want to be able to pay attention to what’s happening in the service. I want to worship Jesus! This is particularly true on Communion Sundays since there is no children’s church. Today David threw his quarter at the offering plate instead of putting it in normally. (I practice putting money in the offering plate with our children. I hope to teach them the importance of giving back. I tell them we are giving this money to Jesus, and then have them put it in the offering plate as it is passed.) David’s quarter hit the offering plate, made a loud clang, and then went flying somewhere. Later in the service as Andrew is preaching David loudly makes a remark in response to something Andrew had said in his sermon. That was it! I had enough! I ended up taking him out! Let me just say I need prayers with this child! Sometimes I just …. He is six years old and should be able to sit and behave for forty-five minutes! Wednesday evening he was also a nightmare during church, and I made him sit for thirty minutes in a chair in the corner when we got home. I thought he would have learned his lesson! Apparently not.

Sometimes a mom needs to vent. Thanks for listening to me! I appreciate it, and any mom advice you feel led to share!



Kitchen Reno! August 25, 2019

Kitchen Reno! August 25, 2019

When we bought our house, Andrew and I knew we would be doing a kitchen renovation fairly soon. In fact, it’s one of the things we disagreed on when house hunting. Andrew wanted another house that was a brand new build. The kitchen in the new build was beautiful, but the square footage was significantly less and the yard tiny.Β  This house was larger square footage and yard, but a terribly small outdated kitchen. My husband loves me very much, and we bought the house with the larger square footage. πŸ˜‰ I think it’s a good thing we went with the extra bedroom and space, especially since we’ve had Samuel since then!

We are now in the middle of a kitchen renovation! We’ve been planning our “new” kitchen since we moved in, but actively working on it for the past few months. We simply needed more cabinet space! We are foodies and love our kitchen gadgets! Even after moving and downsizing our stuff somewhat, we still have more than what we had room for. The kitchen also didn’t have a real pantry. We were using a tall storage cabinet in the laundry room as our pantry.

I am so excited about the design of our new kitchen. I can’t wait to share the after pictures with you!! Here is what the old kitchen looked like!

Last week all our cabinetry and everything was removed from our kitchen!! We picked out new flooring, which was also laid! Can I just say how happy I am to be rid of that old dirty tile!!! I can not express in words my happiness!! I should probably write a song about it! πŸ™‚ I’m in love with our new flooring! (I want to have it laid in the rest of the house too! But we won’t talk about that for a long time! πŸ˜‰ )

Here is a little sneak peak at our new flooring!! Isn’t it gorgeous!!! (That cute pie Samuel likes the new floors too! πŸ™‚ )

Our cabinetry is supposed to be put up tomorrow and Tuesday. Then they will be able to measure for the counter top. It will be a few more weeks before I can post the completed renovation pictures. I can’t wait to see the finished kitchen myself!! Andrew and I are not diy’ers and this renovation has been a new experience for both of us. Even though it’s been relatively easy and so far the process has gone pretty smooth. There’s just a level of stress that comes with doing a project of this scale!Β  We will both be so happy to get it completed, all our stuff put away in the new cabinets, and start cooking again!

While David has been at school (David is still loving Kindergarten), Emma, Samuel and I have been adjusting to David being at school.Β  It just feels strange! I have become Emma’s playmate. πŸ™‚ She was so used to having him around to play with! This past week on the days they were working in our kitchen we had to get out of the house. We spent time at the children’s museum and the mall. On the days we had the house to ourselves we spend time playing! I’ve made sure to keep enough groceries that we can still have breakfast and sandwiches. So we have been able to at least have some meals at home! Did I mention how excited I am to get our kitchen finished, and to be able to cook again?!!



Goodbye Summer, Hello Kindergarten! August 17, 2019

Goodbye Summer, Hello Kindergarten! August 17, 2019

I spent right up to the day before school started ignoring the fact that school was starting! The whole week before we lived like every day was our last. My parents came for a visit and we spent time with them. We went to the Memphis Bass Pro Pyramid. We went fishing and David caught his first fish. Dad and Mom babysat so Andrew and I could go on a date! I wanted to go seeΒ I LOVE LUCY in color in the theater! πŸ™‚ It was so awesome!! Andrew and I took the kids to the zoo. We went and visited Grand-mama and G-pa! We played outside and went swimming. One would think we hadn’t done anything all summer long! πŸ™‚

Here we are at the top of the pyramid!! Also that’s David with his fish! They actually caught enough catfish that we had a meal from it!

Here is me at the theater! I got an I LOVE LUCY poster! I am a huge Lucy fan! I can watch those episodes a thousand times and still laugh. πŸ™‚ Andrew was so sweet to tolerate it and go with me. He’s not the huge I LOVE LUCY fan that I am, but he LOVES his wife very much. πŸ˜‰


Here are a few pictures from our zoo trip! Samuel is getting so big! It’s hard to believe that he will be eight months on Monday. I just love that smile! It happened to be a beautiful, not too hot, day, and we had a lot of fun! It ended with the kids playing on the zoo playground.

I took this picture of David and Emma playing outside together. They were holding hands and jumping in the water. They really do love each other, I think. πŸ™‚ I treasure these moments of kindness between them. So sweet!


The day before school started we went to visit G-pa and Grand-mama! The kids had fun playing and visiting. Samuel is checking out Maggie! He loves animals! He gets so excited when he spots our cat, Zoe, in the house too.


David’s first day of Kindergarten finally came. He was nervous about going to Kindergarten and I could tell because he didn’t want to talk about it. (He’s a little like his mama! πŸ™‚ ) He did really great though! He woke up, put his clothes on, made his bed, ate his breakfast, and went to school like a champ! I took him on the first day. I walked him to his class room, stayed with him for several minutes. By this point I was not doing so well. Hidden behind my smiles was a shattered heart! I could not really just be leaving my baby at school all by himself. I even turned to his teacher and said, “Am I just supposed to leave?”! It was the worst feeling ever, and I left a very sad and depressed mama. Three o’clock could not come soon enough! When David arrived home that afternoon he was so excited. He LOVED it! While it is still hard to send him, it’s a lot easier knowing that he loves going!

David had a great first week of school! On Friday I went to assist with lunch, and was able to sit with David during his lunch time. He has several friends already in his class! He had a corn dog with cinnamon apples. πŸ™‚ Thanks to everyone who prayed for us, and gave me encouragement during the week! Please keep it coming!


Friday night we “camped out”. The kids had been telling me that they want to sleep out in a tent, so I bought them a tent. I told them all week that we would camp out Friday night. So last night after putting Samuel to bed, we got ready for bed, had some ice cream (because who doesn’t need ice cream before bed!), gathered our pillows and blankets and went outside to sleep in the tent. We got into the tent, put our bedding down, and everyone got comfortable. We read a couple “spooky” story books that the kids had picked out. I turned off the flashlight. In about five minutes David said he was scared, and wanted to go back inside. I took him inside, and then returned to the tent with Emma. Emma was slightly more brave. She stayed outside and tried to go to sleep, but every little bit she would say, “What’s that!”, or “There’s a scary shadow”. Plus Zoe kept creeping around outside the tent making noises. πŸ™‚ Finally after an hour of camping out, we ended up back inside. I was only slightly disappointed! πŸ™‚

Happy Weekend!



Good Night. August 2, 2019

Good Night. August 2, 2019

Dear Samuel,

I love you more than you can know! You are nearly seven and a half months old. Why do you not yet sleep through the night? I am tired, and getting more so with each passing day. I’ve loved and cherished our sleepless nights together. I will never forget the dreamy smiles, your precious face as I rock you back to sleep, the nights where you cry because your gums or belly hurt, and the nights where you think it is time to play instead of sleep. While I wishes those days would never pass because I know they will all too quickly, I also know they must. It’s part of growing up healthy. I want the best for you. You are my third baby so I know I should know what to do, right? I should have all the answers by now, right? However, you, your brother and sister have proven that we are all different. David slept through the night around six months. Emma at four months. When will you reach that stage where you consistently sleep through the night? I love you so much! Please start sleeping all night soon.

Your loving, tired mother.


Speaking of differences, Samuel is also the most difficult baby at meal time. He hated sitting in his high chair. He would cry every time. I don’t know why, maybe he’s claustrophobic and doesn’t like being closed in by the food tray. So I put him in one of those little green pod seats that hooks to a chair, and put him at the table. That made him happier for a while. Now his frustration comes with not yet being able to eat like we do. He wants to eat what every one else is eating (he doesn’t have any teeth yet, so this creates a problem), and he wants to feed himself! I don’t need to point out the problem with the later. Samuel is so messy! I finely dice small bits of food and fruit so he can feel included. However, by the time he is done eating he has food all over the table, floor, chair, and himself. He pretty much needs a bath after every meal!

Our independent Samuel is also crawling like a champ and pulling up on furniture.

Here are some pictures of David and Emma with their caps and gloves before they went to the ball game with Andrew this evening. Cutie pies!

Sweet Dreams πŸ˜‰


Hanging on to Summer! July 26, 2019

Hanging on to Summer! July 26, 2019

I feel like summer is vanishing before my very eyes! The month of July has passed so quickly it’s a blur! School is lurking around the corner, and while I’m starting to make preparations I feel that if I keep ignoring the fact that it’s in three weeks it will somehow take longer to get here. We attended the kindergarten kick off the other night at David’s soon to be school. He had a great time! The kids did rotational activities while the parents were in an informational session.Β  We took Emma and Samuel with us to the school, and while we were in the middle of the informational session Emma fell into the chair in the cafeteria and busted her mouth open. I knew immediately when she hit that it was bad. She cried of course, but only for a little bit. However, by the time she went to bed her mouth and face was swollen up. It just so happened that I already had a dental appointment scheduled for her and David the very next day. The dentist checked, and while her two front teeth were slightly loose, they should tighten back up. The bruising looks terrible, but should go away in time. Bless her! She’s such a tough little girl!


I’ve been making my own preparations in teaching piano this fall! Every semester I try to make sure I have a refresh. I do this by updating my materials, working on lesson plans, and planning out recitals and events. I also make sure I myself as a teacher set certain professional goals. I’m looking forward to attending some teacher workshops, and recitals. I’m also hoping to do some more recording and performing as well. I find that doing all this helps me take a fresh look at things, and hopefully keep from “getting in a rut”! The second year after having to start over is always easier than the first for obvious reasons, and I’m feeling more established and ready to take on more students this year!

20190725_203530I’m trying to spend as much time with the kids as I can before school starts! We went to the Redbirds game yesterday evening, and stayed out super late! (It was 9:30 when we go home! πŸ˜‰ ) Today we went to the zoo! We actually do this quite often since we live so close. The weather this week has been amazing, and so we decided to go to the zoo.

Samuel is crawling all over the house now! I took the picture below because he and Emma were actually playing together. Or should I say, Emma was playing and Samuel was grabbing her toys and chewing on them. Either way, they were interacting! That sort of thing has been happening more frequently. The other day they were all three playing. I love listening and watching them. They don’t fight ALL the time. πŸ™‚


Samuel is also wanting to sit at the table and eat like the rest of us. He wants to feed himself, and he does not want to sit in the high chair anymore. We have one of those pod seats that fastens onto a chair, and he sits at the table like a big boy. πŸ™‚

I’ve been trying some new recipes recently! The first is an Asian glazed salmon with fried rice and green beans. The salmon is delicious with a beautiful sticky glaze that is easy to prep and cook. I happened to have some leftover rice and decided to try making fried rice. I’ve done this before, but last time I burned the rice.:( That’s one of the things to watch out for when making fried rice. After scrambling the eggs and sauteing the veggies the pan is super hot. It doesn’t take long at all to fry the rice once it’s in the pan. Don’t be like me, watch the rice, stir the rice, don’t take your eyes off the rice! πŸ™‚

The second is a Hawaiian burger! This burger is tasty and colorful. There is basically a salad in between the bun! This recipe includes grilled pineapple and red pepper slices, thinly sliced red onion, tomatoes and lettuce, a seasoned hamburger patty with provolone cheese, and a special sauce spread on toasted onion rolls.

Happy Summer!


Sink or Swim? July 15, 2019

Sink or Swim? July 15, 2019

David has never liked water in his face. Since he was a baby he would cry if water got on his face. When we would go on vacation and go swimming in a pool, David would refuse to get in and just play along the edge of the pool. Recently when taking a bath David would sparsely wet his hair to make us believe he had washed it. We would get on to him for this deception of course, but it wasn’t getting to the root of the problem which was his fear of water. This summer we decided it was past time for him to take swimming lessons. I spent the last week and a half taking David to and from his swim class. The first day went exactly as I expected it to. David hated it! He cried and begged not to go back. Later that evening Andrew worked with him on “catching a bubble” and sticking his face in the water. It took thirty minutes before he finally did it, and he was so proud. The second day of swim class actually went much better. He was proud of being able to stick his face in the water. Then the next few days came the problem of him being afraid to get his feet off the bottom of the pool. We went to a friends house to practice swimming in their pool a few days last week. We worked with him on kicking, getting away from the side of the pool, and getting his feet off the bottom of the pool. I can’t say we were successful at getting him to swim, but at least he’s no longer afraid to wash his hair!


Fear is a crazy thing. It makes us tense up and unable to perform the task at hand. I would say to David, “Relax and your body will float. Your tense muscles are causing you to sink!” He apparently doesn’t trust his mama because it didn’t matter what I said, he was not going to listen! We are going to try to make sure he is exposed to more swimming opportunities this summer, and he will probably take more lessons next summer. Honestly, I’m proud of him for getting his face wet and trying! This is actually a life lesson. If we could just overcome our fears we would be able to be and do amazing things! I’ve often dealt with this same sort of paralyzing fear when performing. I’ve learned that you can’t let fear get the better of you. You overcome fear by facing it over and over and over again. With lots of practice and self confidence one can learn to lock fear away, and channel the extra adrenaline to help you perform better.


At least one of our children is not afraid of the water. πŸ™‚ Samuel LOVES the water! He loves sitting in that little yellow float tube. I actually think he could swim if I was brave enough to let go of him! He kicks his feet and basically floats on his own. However I could NEVER without the help of someone professionally trained perhaps, let go of him to find out!Β  My heart rate accelerates just thinking about it.

Samuel is almost seven months old! He has learned to sit up, and is now crawling! I cannot believe how fast they grow in the first year of life! The first picture above shows Samuel playing at the children’s museum. It was his first visit where he could actually play in the baby area! The second picture is just a bundle of cuteness having precious baby dreams!:) I know I’ve said this before, but watching your children grow, learn, and discover new things gives you an opportunity as a parent to experience the magic of discovery and learning something for the first time all over again just by watching them. It truly is a precious gift!


We visited the library on Thursday after swim class! They were having the Arkansas game commission as their special guest. Last year we went, and they had fish. This year was turtles! David and Emma love anything nature and were excited to see the turtles! We had just caught a green slider turtle in our yard only the week before too! It was a big turtle so we didn’t keep it. The turtle was happy to swim away in the pond!


Birthdays and Celebrations! July 7, 2019

Birthdays and Celebrations! July 7, 2019

Andrew turned another year older July 1st! I tried to cheer him up by telling him he is not old, and that we still have babies so he has at least twenty years to be young and active! I don’t think I helped! πŸ™‚

For Andrew’s birthday he wanted to cook. Most people want to go out and enjoy a dinner they don’t have to prepare themselves, or clean up after, but not Andrew. He wanted to cook! He grilled steaks, boiled sweet corn, and steamed some green beans! He did an amazing job! We had enough steak left over that I made steak and cheese quesadillas for lunch the next day too! I made homemade vanilla ice creamΒ and chocolate cake for his birthday dessert. I wish I could say that the cake turned out perfectly and that it was the most stunningly beautiful cake I’ve ever made. I baked four layers of deliciously moist chocolate cake. I made homemade chocolate frosting. I was in the middle of frosting the layers and stacking them. Something wasn’t right. My frosting was too runny. I needed something to keep my layers from sliding. I got up to go get some skewers to hold it in place. I heard something and turned to see the top two layers of my cake in the floor. I stood in horror for a moment before bursting into tears! I was so disappointed and frustrated! Andrew assured me it was okay, and that two layers would still be enough. He is such a sweet husband! I finished frosting the two layers and we had a delicious two layer cake!Β  I learned a few things, so next time I make it I think it will turn out pretty near perfect! πŸ™‚

We had a fun time celebrating Independence day! We spent the day at my parents house visiting with family and eating! Andrew smoked ribs. Mom grilled hamburgers, cooked baked beans, fried squash, and cheesecake. Dad made a bomb fire and roasted hot dogs, and my aunt Sharon made potato salad and a strawberry cake dessert. The best meals are those where everybody has a hand in it! πŸ™‚ Later that evening after arriving back home, we watched fireworks from our back porch. Emma was excited about seeing the fireworks! David doesn’t like the noise so he watched from inside. I’m so thankful for our freedoms and our blessings!

In other news of the week. Samuel sat up for the first time today! He can get up on all fours. He doesn’t yet have the coordination to crawl (he army crawls), but figured out how to sit up. I can’t believe how big he is getting so fast!


The kids are enjoying summer! They have been playing on their slip n slide, riding bikes, hunting bugs, fishing and swimming. David is taking swimming lessons. I will share this story in my next blog post. Just pray we survive this week of swim lessons! πŸ™‚

Happy Summer!