Rough Housing! Sunday, January 7, 2017

Rough Housing! Sunday, January 7, 2017

There was some rough housing at our house tonight! David would go down the slide and then Emma would go down and he would catch her. They would then continue to wrestle on the floor. I had to calm them down a few times because I was afraid Emma was going to get hurt. They were having a blast though.


Emma can be so silly! She tries to stand on her head. She will then peek out at you from between her legs and laugh! 🙂 She is such a hoot!


Today was our first Sunday at church for the new year! Today at church was epiphany and because of the way the calendar falls it was also Jesus baptism Sunday. (Kind of weird, right?) Epiphany is the celebration of the wise men coming to visit Jesus with their gifts. I got a good idea for next years epiphany listening to the sermon today. (I hope I still remember it by next year!) I am going to make a three kings cake! I also played an arrangement of We Three Kings with We Bow Down  this morning. You can listen to it on my worship music archives page!

Emma in her Sunday dress!

Last night for dinner I made pepperoni chicken with salad and cheesy bread! The pepperoni chicken is a very simple dish. You cook chicken breasts until they are done. Take them out of the pan and pour in spaghetti sauce. (Any kind you like.) Then put the chicken back in the pan and cover with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese! The cheesy bread is also simple to make. Warning!!! Do not make this if you are on any kind of diet! 🙂 The topping consists of butter, mayo, cheese, green onions and olives! We are not olive eaters around here. None of us really care for them. However I did go ahead and include them, and Andrew and I liked it! They added saltiness to it. David picked his off! 🙂


Here is our menu for the week! (I am incorporating a lot of leftovers this week!)


Monday: Lunch, Enchiladas. Dinner, Steak, Waffle maker hash browns and green beans.

Tuesday: Lunch, Chicken nachos. Dinner, Grilled Salmon, rice and roasted broccoli.

Wednesday: Lunch, Burgers and broccoli cheddar soup. Dinner, Mini meat ball casserole.

Thursday: Lunch, Pepperoni chicken sandwiches. Dinner, Smothered pork chops, roasted veggies, and biscuits.

Friday: Lunch, Greek Salad with Steak. Dinner, Sausage and vegetables.

Saturday: Lunch, eat out. Dinner, Spaghetti and salad.

Sunday: Slow Cooker BBQ chicken sandwiches. Dinner: Tacos!

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