Cooking Again! September 1, 2019

Cooking Again! September 1, 2019

We survived a whole week without a kitchen! I had enough food for breakfast and some sandwiches, but let me say I don’t care if I ever eat out again! (At least until like next weekend! 🙂 Going on a girls trip to Pawhuska!!) The kitchen cabinets are installed, our oven and microwave hooked up, dishes and food put away, and we have been cooking again!! As a matter of fact we had the best Sunday pot roast I think I have ever cooked today! It tasted amazing!!! We are still waiting on our counter tops to be installed. Hopefully that will be in the next couple weeks! I can not wait to have it all finished!

Here is what the cabinets look like! I LOVE them! Not only are they beautiful, but we have at least doubled the amount of storage space. I no longer have to put things on top of our cabinets. 🙂

With going out to eat for dinner this week, it was a struggle getting the kids bathed before bed. They got a bath at least twice this week. 😉 I usually bathe Samuel in his little blue tub, but I was needing to get bath time done quickly, and decided to just put Emma and Samuel in the same bath. It was actually really sweet! 🙂 Samuel loved splashing the water with Emma! I needed a rain poncho while bathing them, but they had fun. (I have a picture of David and Emma in the bath together when Emma was about Samuel’s age.) Just so precious!

We had a family day at the zoo yesterday! The kids wanted to play in the water, and so we took them in their swim clothes. I took a picnic lunch and we ate at the zoo. It was great to spend time together and just enjoy family.

David has been pushing my buttons lately in church. I don’t know if he thinks he can get away with it because we are in a public setting or what. But today was the last straw for me. It’s hard enough being a “single” mom on Sundays anyway. I say this because Andrew leaves to go to church super early on Sunday mornings, and for obvious reasons he can’t sit with me during the service to help with the kids. Any discipline that needs dished out during church has to be done by me. I’m generally just fine with this role as a parent, but during church I find it difficult.  I just want quiet! I want to be able to pay attention to what’s happening in the service. I want to worship Jesus! This is particularly true on Communion Sundays since there is no children’s church. Today David threw his quarter at the offering plate instead of putting it in normally. (I practice putting money in the offering plate with our children. I hope to teach them the importance of giving back. I tell them we are giving this money to Jesus, and then have them put it in the offering plate as it is passed.) David’s quarter hit the offering plate, made a loud clang, and then went flying somewhere. Later in the service as Andrew is preaching David loudly makes a remark in response to something Andrew had said in his sermon. That was it! I had enough! I ended up taking him out! Let me just say I need prayers with this child! Sometimes I just …. He is six years old and should be able to sit and behave for forty-five minutes! Wednesday evening he was also a nightmare during church, and I made him sit for thirty minutes in a chair in the corner when we got home. I thought he would have learned his lesson! Apparently not.

Sometimes a mom needs to vent. Thanks for listening to me! I appreciate it, and any mom advice you feel led to share!



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