Mothers and Things. May 9, 2020

Mothers and Things. May 9, 2020

Happy Mom’s Day!!! I wish all mom’s everywhere the best, most relaxing day ever! Here is a picture of my mom and I! This was taken a couple years ago I think…in a time when I had a haircut, and we were able to go places. 🙂 Since becoming a mom I’ve gained a new appreciation for my mom! She made this mom thing look easy, like a piece of cake! I hope I do half as good a job! Love you MOM!!! 💕


I took this picture of Emma last Sunday. Every morning she dresses herself. She goes into her room, pics out her clothes, and comes out seeking my approval. A majority of the time she does really well! I praise her for it! I can’t take credit, picking out stylish clothes is something I still struggle with! It must come from her Auntie Leah! I think Emma and Leah share a lot of the same genes. 🙂 However, sometimes she comes out wearing clothes that are not appropriate for the weather or something that just doesn’t quite match. It depends on the day/occasion whether or not I let it go. 🙂 Emma is three and a half. Sometimes I forget that because she is so smart. She is definitely growing up so fast!


Early in the week we had a very warm day. I decided to break out the sprinkler! David loves playing in the water. I don’t know how much Emma really remembers playing in the water from last summer, but she loved it. This was Samuel’s first time to play in the sprinkler. The reaction from all of them was priceless when I turned on the water! After a few seconds of realizing what was happening, Samuel became ecstatic and did a happy dance! David went crazy and ran right in it. Emma turned, ran to me and requested to go put on her swim clothes. After changing into the appropriate attire, she had the best time too! It was so funny, their different responses! They played in the water for quite a long time. We kept moving the sprinkler around the yard so as to avoid one huge mud puddle. It was a great day!

After that day the temperature dropped, and we were back to long sleeves or jackets. 🤷‍♀️ David decided he was going to have a “shop”. He found a few items he no longer wanted, or that mom no longer wanted, and set them up at the end of the driveway. I made him a “for sale” sign. A couple generous souls came by and bought a few things from him. It was really cute! He sat out there for a long time before getting tired.


We have been finding ways to entertain ourselves at home. The kids have been playing outside as much as possible, and being really creative about it! They have been playing with their toy cars outside the last couple days. They made roads and garages with chalk! A few games of tic tac toe have even taken place. 🙂


I hope everyone is well, and giving their loved ones extra huggs!



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