8 Is Great! June 26, 2021

8 Is Great! June 26, 2021

David was thrilled when he received these balloons and candy from G-pa and Grand-mama on his Birthday!

I can’t believe Andrew and I have an eight year old son!!! David is halfway to sixteen!!! Yikes!!!:) I always try my best to make our kids birthdays fun and memorable. While we didn’t have a big party, it was still Super! I think David loved it! We celebrated for two days!

The morning of his birthday I took the kids to the doughnut shop, where David was sure to announce that it was his birthday. πŸ™‚ They gave him two free birthday doughnuts with sprinkles. It was a great start to the day. He spent a large part of his day watching PokΓ©mon, playing video games, and playing with his new friend just down the street. (They made Godzilla YouTube videos. The things kids do! It blows my mind! I most definitely was not making YouTube videos at 8!πŸ˜„πŸ˜¬) Later that evening we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. They gave a big shout out to David, and he loved it. Even though he covered his ears.:)

After dinner we went to the skating rink. I used to skate pretty regularly as a kid, but it has been several years…. The skating part was a lot of fun, at least for Andrew and I. It’s almost like riding a bike, however I was a little rusty! The kids went around the rink about twice before deciding they were done. They wanted to go play on the indoor play ground. They all had a Super time playing on the playground while Andrew and I skated! πŸ™‚ We have decided we need to go at least twice a month so they can learn how to skate. I can’t have a child of mine not knowing how to roller skate!! I am also going to demand that they skate for at least thirty minutes before heading off to other activities! πŸ™‚

Today we celebrated David’s birthday again with Uncle B and Auntie Leah!!! We had party decorations, games, pizza, cake, and gifts! Who says you have to have a lot of people to party?!?! We had a Super time!! If you keep wondering why I am using the word “Super”, It’s because David wanted a Super Mario party! I made him a Super Mario confetti cake!! I have to say it was fun to decorate. I’m not artsy by any stretch, but I think it turned out pretty cute! We had Luigi’s pizza too! (There’s a Luigi’s pizza restaurant in town. David has loved it ever since we moved here and he caught eye of it. Simply for the fact that it is called Luigi’s!! He’s lucky the pizza is descent!:) ) David’s favorite gift was a super Mario maker video game, even though he loved all his gifts! The kids also played water balloons and we had a coin hunt! I bought gold coins and Andrew hid them in the yard for the kids to find. They had a Super time!



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