Blog Refresh… January 16, 2022

Blog Refresh… January 16, 2022

Update from previous post: The kids are doing well and have returned to school. Andrew is doing much better and has returned to work which includes early morning PT. I am doing a whole lot better, however I am still struggling with a cough and fatigue. I’m sure being pregnant is not helping me with these issues. I do wish this annoying chest cough would go away soon! I feel like I have had it forever. Otherwise I feel we are all on our way to being healthy again. I am just so tired of this winter and all the sickness around. I want spring time with sunshine, slightly warmer temperatures, and fresh air! Fresh air where we can all go outside and breathe, the kids can play in the dirt, and we can hopefully all stop worrying about viruses and germs!

The last couple weeks we have done our best to enjoy the extended vacation (quarantine) time. We have been cooking, playing games, doing routine housework, and making future plans. I was looking back on previous blog posts because I noticed that I am running low on data storage! HA! Imagine that! I noticed that I have been blogging now for almost five years!!! WHAT?!?!? That is crazy! It doesn’t feel like it at all! I love keeping this blog to look back on! Since it is coming up on five years (not to mention my data storage problem) I figure I need to backup and revamp my blogsite at some point. I would appreciate your input on a particular route. If you have been following and reading regularly, what have you enjoyed the most? What have you found most useful? What do you think my particular niche should be? Is there a certain topic you wish I would focus more on? I have been asking myself all these question the last couple weeks without any real clear answer. So I hope to get some outside input!



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