Wellness! Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wellness! Thursday, November 2, 2017

Yesterday I made a chicken enchilada soup in the crock-pot. It was very good, and probably my favorite soup thus far to make. Making it was super easy! I just put three chicken breasts seasoned with salt, pepper, chili powder and cumin in the crock-pot. Diced an onion and minced some garlic. Put a can of black beans and some frozen corn in. Then added a box of chicken stock and a couple cans of enchilada sauce. It cooked for about four to five hours, and then I shredded the chicken with two forks. We used chili cheese Frito’s (I love these chips!), tortilla chips, and shredded cheese as toppings. We all loved it! (Except for David, who has an aversion to soups in general. Oh well, maybe one of these days he will change his mind.)

I cleaned house yesterday. I almost finished anyway, my floors still need to be mopped and laundry is not quite done yet. Maybe I will finish tomorrow. After Emma received so many new toys for her birthday, I decided it was time to go through and do a swap out. I pulled out a bin of toys that used to be David’s and retrieved some of the toys that are age appropriate for Emma. I then put several of the toys that she has either out grown or become board with away in the bin. She has all new and interesting toys to play with for a while. I will probably do the same thing around Christmas too.

Emma had her one year well visit to the pediatrician today. Poor baby! Her appointment was scheduled for 10:30 this morning. That is right during her usual nap time. I tried putting her down a little early this morning before we had to leave, but she just played in her crib. So I got her up and we went to her appointment. She did really well. She is healthy and growing! Our kids have always been low on the charts in weight and high on the chart in height. (I wonder where they get that from? Ha!)

Mommy doesn’t like shots either!

After we left the doctor’s office, we went to lunch at Chili’s. (One of my favorite lunch spots.) Andrew then took Emma home for her nap. I went to practice at the church, and then to teach lessons.  I love practicing! Practicing is for me like yoga is to some people I think. It helps focus my mind. I am able to forget about everything else, and only think about my music. Even though it involves some physical activity, it is relaxing to me. It is refreshing to my spirit and soul.

Speaking of physical activity. Andrew signed us up for this Max Buzz wrist band. It is like a fit bit, but it was free! It keeps track of your steps, calories burned, and miles walked during the day. You blue tooth it to the Virgin Pulse app, and get points for however many steps you take during the day. After so many points you earn cash rewards that can be redeemed.  Anyway, this is my second day wearing it. It is pretty cool and interesting to see how many steps/miles one walks in a day. I told Andrew I probably do a mini marathon everyday just keeping up with the kids and doing things around here. Well, I was right! Today I have over 14, 000 steps which translates into 5.51 miles! No doubt some of that is wrist movement from my piano practicing and teaching!


2 thoughts on “Wellness! Thursday, November 2, 2017

  1. I love reading about your days! Thank you so much for sharing your menus and even how you make some of your favorite meals! I’m for sure going to try the chicken enchilada soup!:))


    1. Thank You Heather!
      Enchilada Soup:
      3 chicken breasts
      Salt and pepper
      2 tbl spoons chili powder
      1 tbl spoon cumin
      3 cloves minced garlic
      1 onion diced
      4 cups chicken stock
      2 cans red enchilada sauce
      1 cup corn
      1 can black beans drained
      Just throw it all in the crock pot for four or five hours!


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