Coupons. Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017

Coupons. Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017

I discovered something really awesome about the Dollar General store today. (It is one of the two grocery stores in town.) They have digital coupons! I know, a lot of stores have digital coupons, but the Dollar General store coupons are easier to use. All you have to do is sign up, and click on the coupon items that you want. When you check out at the store, (and here is the cool part) you tap the digital coupon button on the checkout kiosk, type in your phone number, and it automatically downloads the coupons that you have saved that match the items that have been scanned! No sorting through paper coupons or searching for the bar codes on your phone!  Do other stores do this too? I would definitely use more coupons if it were that easy everywhere!  I’ve never been good at coupon searching. I also do not like standing in the store looking for a particular item that has to match the specifications of the coupon. I just don’t have the patience for extreme couponing. I did save two dollars on Luvs baby diapers though! 🙂

Andrew cooked tacos this evening! He decided to make his own taco shells. He did good! They were a little bit more like chalupa shells. He tried rolling them out with a rolling pin, but didn’t get them thin enough. They tasted great though. I’ve always liked chalupas! We would probably need an actual taco shell press to get them thin enough.

David never did take his nap Sunday afternoon. He just played the whole time. This is what he was wearing when he came out of his room. I guess he was saving the world in there!

Super David!

I gave Emma one of those baby tooth brushes this evening. She has a mouth full of teeth and is cutting more! The pediatrician told us we should be brushing them. I just let her chew on the brush. She loved chewing on it!

Brushing her teeth in her chair!

I haven’t posted anything about Zoe in a while. She has become quite the hunter. We have found two baby snakes on our porches this week. The good thing is that they were dead. The bad thing is I hate snakes, and there are probably a lot more out there somewhere. Zoe does a lot of napping during the day. If I happen to sit down at all, she usually finds her way onto my lap and goes to sleep. Such a sweet kitty!



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