No good, very bad evening! Monday, Dec. 4, 2017

No good, very bad evening! Monday, Dec. 4, 2017

Sometimes I feel like I need a second chance as a mom. Tonight was one of those nights! I came home from work and Andrew was busy cooking dinner, Emma was fussy, and David was being loud and doing things to pester and get attention. It was too much! I acted out of anxiety and anger. This is something I very, very rarely do. I hate when I do it! I feel terrible. It takes a lot for me to lose patience. There is generally other contributing factors when I do. I sent David to time out and yelled at him to be quiet. (I never yell, seriously, it is something I just don’t do.) I ignored Emma’s crying in her high chair. (Which actually turned out to not be a bad thing. She stopped crying when she realized I wasn’t going to pay attention to her.) We then had to threaten David several times during dinner to behave and eat. After dinner went well until we told David he needed his nails trimmed. I asked Andrew to do this wonderful task. David’s finger and toe nails were becoming very dagger like, and needed trimming. (I know, this is a gross topic!) David has a thing about trimming his nails. He goes into hysterics. I don’t know why. At first I contributed it to the sound that is made when the nail is clipped, and it might be, but I’m not so sure.  Being his hysterical self, we sent him to bed. A few minutes later he comes out of his room and promises to let Andrew cut his nails. He did. We have tried telling him that it won’t hurt, and he knows that because we have obviously done it before without any injury. He still just can’t stand it. PHEW! I’m glad that is over with! He then had his shower and went to bed. In his bed time prayer we prayed to have a better day tomorrow!

I am definitely feeling the stress of the upcoming week, and it’s only Monday. I’m not really sure why. Yes it is busy, with lessons, extra rehearsals and performances this coming weekend, but I’m not particularly worried about any of them. I’ve done my best to prepare my students. I am confident and ready to play all my music.  I think it is just all the extra stuff on top of everything else. I am going to try to exercise tomorrow too. I didn’t to that this morning, and I could tell it today.  I will try to be a better person and mom tomorrow. One of my favorite quotes is “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” (Can you guess what that is from?) Here is to a new day!

Here are a couple pictures I took this weekend. One is of Emma giving Andrew a hug. (It is so sweet when she does this.) The other one is of David and Emma playing together yesterday afternoon. Emma was so funny. David was lying in the floor watching television, and Emma was trying to sit on him. She thought it was funny and kept trying to do it. Silly girl!



Thanks for bending an ear!  I feel better already! You all are so great!



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