Moving Day! Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Moving Day! Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We spent the first couple days after returning from London recuperating from jet lag, and catching up on laundry. Since then I have been packing like a crazy person, in between playing outside, cooking meals, doing dishes, and reading bedtime stories. I am so darn tired!!!! This is our last night in this house. It’s hard to believe, but when we first moved here two and a half years ago, David was only two and a half, and now he will be five in just a couple weeks! Emma wasn’t even born yet, and now she is nineteen months! A lot of life has happened in and out of these walls.

I kept a growth chart of David’s height on the bathroom door facing. He has grown approximately five and a quarter inches since we have been here!



I forgot to share with you David’s last day at school. His going away party and school program both turned out really cute! They had a Pete the Cat theme for the end of the year program. They sang a few songs, and quoted a few character verses. It was a proud parent moment! 🙂 David will miss his teacher and all his friends. I am happy though that he seems excited about moving to his new house and school, and making new friends.

We have been spending as much time outside as possible, since the inside of our house has been a disaster. We have been going to the park in the mornings before it gets too hot outside. Emma is getting so big! She can sit in the big kid swing! Also, the ducks from the pond have become like pets. They roam the neighborhood, and when they hear us outside they come waddling over wanting us to feed them. Of course we do, and the kids love it!

Yesterday we went to Sonic and got milkshakes, and took them to the park. We were sitting at a picnic table in the shade looking out over this lake. David asked me for a spoon, and I happened to have one in the car. As I was walking back to the picnic table with the spoon I looked, and there was the perfect picturesque moment! I didn’t have my phone so I will just have to describe it to you. David and Emma were sitting next to each other on the picnic table bench drinking their milkshakes. I thought, “They are so precious, beautiful, and this is the perfect picture of them together! One of those moments you look back on in years to come.” My goodness, why do I never have my phone when I really want it!

Next time I blog we will be “moved in” to our new house!! I will be so relieved to have the packing and moving part behind us!






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