Social Togetherness! March 20, 2020

Social Togetherness! March 20, 2020

It’s amazing what can happen in a week! In my last post things were just starting to unfold. Now it’s like we are living in some kind of movie or alternate reality. The corona virus has halted everything! No church, no school, no going to the zoo or museum, no eating out, no, no, no, no….!!!!! We were going to go to Chicago this weekend to the Music Teachers National Association Conference, and make it a family vacation, but that is definitely not happening! It’s very hard not to become stressed, depressed, and anxious about what the future holds, especially when you watch the news. I have decided to stop watching, except for important updates from government officials. Andrew watches enough of it for both of us anyway. 😉 Instead I am enjoying time together with the family, practicing piano, cooking, (I would like to say early spring cleaning, but let’s be realistic here), and after next week I will be delving into the world of online piano teaching!

We have been keeping to a relaxed schedule this week, and the kids have been doing great! Our day looks something like this:

Breakfast 7:30-8:00. Clean up time 8:30 (I do breakfast dishes, while the kids make their beds and put their clothes on.). Play outside 9:00-9:45. Snack time 9:45-10:00. Nap time/ school work time 10:00-11:00. Free time 11:00-12:00. Lunch 12:00-12:45. Play time (usually outside) 12:45-1:30. Naptime/quiet time 1:30-3:30 (David usually plays in his room and reads books. I usually practice piano!) . Snack time 3:30-3:45. Playtime 4:00-6:00 (This usually involves playing outside, and playing kindles while dinner is being prepared.) Dinner 6:00-7:00. Bed time routine 7:00-8:00 (Bath time, brush teeth, story, and tuck in. 

Of course I’m pretty flexible in all the routine stuff. For example, today Samuel did not take his morning nap. Instead we played outside, because it is finally not raining here today! Make room for spontaneity! Plus, this is a great time to catch up on some things! Reading, practicing, cleaning out that closet, or organizing something that’s been driving you crazy! 

Did I mention that it has been raining a lot lately?! We have had rain, and rain, and more rain. Our yard is like a marsh! Since we can’t go anywhere, I just let the kids play in the marsh! My laundry piles have gotten bigger this week! Samuel has fallen in the mud numerous times. David has hopped in the front ditch which is like a wading pool for him. Emma can’t stand to get dirty (Hmm..wonder where she gets that? 🙂 ). She wants to change clothes the second the gets any dirt or mud on her. We’ve gone around a little about that this week. I tell her there is no need to change clothes until she is done playing outside, but she can’t stand it!

During our home school hour David does his take home AMI projects. While he is doing his work, Emma is learning how to write her ABC’s and learning their sounds. Then we supplement with fun activities, such as games, music, and reading. Sorry! is a great way to work on numbers and counting, and good sportsmanship too! 🙂 David was inspired to write his own story this week. It’s called King Cobra vs. Komodo Dragon. Imagine that! 😁

The kids love scavenger hunts! It’s easy to make them up on the fly too! It can be anything like flowers, clover, dandelions, leaves, sticks, rocks, bugs, etc. I took pictures of these flowers by the pond. They are a beautiful sign of spring!

We have enjoyed eating out on our screened-in porch this week! In case you can’t tell we are having cheese burgers and chips for lunch! I also made a special dessert this week for the kids. Chocolate mousse with whipped cream and gummy worms. 🙂 It’s really easy to make and only requires a few simple ingredients. This is also a good time to try some new recipes!

What are some things you are doing to pass the time? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about things!

Stay well!





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