Back to School 2022! August 27, 2022

Back to School 2022! August 27, 2022

Summer break has evaporated before our eyes, and somehow the kids are already in their third week of school! David started third grade this year! I can’t believe how big he is getting. He is a handsome boy and I’m proud of him. His teachers always comment about how he is always smiling and happy to be at school. He is a talker, and so I’m sure his teachers learn a lot from him as well! lol! I hope he has a great year of learning.

3rd Grade!

Emma started Kindergarten this year! Emma’s first day was an orientation day with her teacher and part of the class. Then she started going full time with everyone a couple days later. Driving away that first day was hard! I was happy and excited for her because she was. At the same time I cried tears because I couldn’t believe I just left my baby girl at school! I had some comfort in knowing David was with her, at least at the start and finish of their day. David has been such a good big brother! He was concerned about Emma, and made sure she made it to her class for at least the first week. In fact, I heard her tell him one morning in the back of the car that she could find her own way to class now. 🥰 It was so precious. I hope they always look out for one another! Emma has loved school so far! She comes home excited to tell me about her day. I get to hear about snack time, lunch time, their special class, recess, sometimes about what she learned, and especially about the kids who misbehaved and got in trouble. 😂 I hope Emma always loves school!

Samuel also started back to the Parents Day Out (PDO) program he went to last year. Except this year he is in the threes class! This is a big deal, and he would be sure to tell you that he is now in the three’s class.😄 He was hesitant to go his first day. I kind of had to push him through the doorway to his classroom. lol! Since then he has been doing great! I haven’t had any trouble and he seems to enjoy going. He loves playing outside, snack time, and talks about the friends he has made.

Samuel goes to PDO two days a week. On those days it’s just me and my sweet baby Audrey. I love her sweet cheeks!😍 Audrey is four months old now! She is going through a phase where she rolls from back to stomach, gets in a swimming position, then gets frustrated. She doesn’t know how to get back over. Which is funny considering I have video of her doing just that about a month ago. I guess it was either accidental rolling, or she has forgotten how. HA! I have been trying to work with her during tummy time. I hope she relearns it soon! Audrey has two bottom teeth already. She is also starting to eat some baby cereal. On the days that Samuel is home I am going to work with him on learning his letters and numbers etc. I have decided that instead of sending him to a full time pre-k program, I am going to supplement along with the PDO that he goes to the next couple years. I taught Emma pre-k, and enjoyed it! So I plan on doing the same with Samuel.

My sister, Leah, had a birthday this month! We went to celebrate and hang out again. We brought Leah a cheesecake, and later went to dinner. The video game fun never ends at Auntie Leah and Uncle B’s! 🙂 Every year my sister has a birthday I feel old! I can’t believe I have a sister that’s so young and beautiful! 😉(She would probably kill me if I told you her age on here! HAHAHA!)

I decided to try a new hairstyle. Every time one of my babies has reached the age where they have learned to grab, I decide it’s time to try a new hairstyle! 🙂 Little fists have tight grips! I am not totally in love with it, but I do like that it’s shorter and easier to style. I am trying to learn how to do beach curls. I tried it with my curling iron, but I need a wand. It worked some, but the curl didn’t last too long even with hairspray. I also probably need to find some product to put in my hair after washing to help it have more body.

With all the back to school stuff comes more germs! Three weeks in and Andrew, and David have both been sick! Andrew tested positive for Covid from one of our home tests. So he has been home since Wednesday. Thursday David started feeling bad, and came home early from school. Samuel gets a runny nose almost always at PDO. I’m starting to think there is something there he is allergic to! I haven’t felt one hundred percent the last few days either. So far Emma is the only one that has not had any symptoms. Thankfully everyone is feeling better though, and should be ready to go back to work and school on Monday!



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