Chef Dad and More! October 19, 2017

Chef Dad and More! October 19, 2017

I am so thankful to have a husband who can cook! Andrew cooks two to three times a week when I am teaching, and he does an amazing job! The aroma filling the house when I came home from work this evening was divine!! We had pork roast with apples and onions and carrots. It tasted amazing!


After dropping David off at school, Emma, a friend, and I went for a walk at the park this morning. Good conversation and exercise is a great way to begin the day! It was beautiful outside. I love when it is cool enough outside for long sleeves or maybe a light jacket. When we are walking, Emma will see the swing set and start protesting her wishes to swing. Finally on our last round I will take her over and let her swing. She loves it!

Emma in her stroller!

After lunch, (we had left over lasagna!) Andrew, Emma and I hung out for a bit. I was able to get some good pics of Emma and Andrew together today. Andrew is a great dad! I love seeing him play with the kids! Emma is so sweet. She loves to hug her baby doll and rock it. We will sing rock-a-bye baby and she will rock back and forth:). She is much more cuddly than I remember David being at this age.


I left home a little early today and went to practice piano at the church. They have a nice Wulitzer grand piano, and while I love my upright Kawai grand here at home, sometimes it is good to practice on an actual grand! The weight of the keys is heavier, and the overall feel of the piano in that space is different.  I practiced music for church, and I am working on Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque. The suite includes the famous Claire de lune, which I have never truly played. It is fun! After practicing, I taught a few piano lessons today. (I have added some more pages and documents to my piano resources page!) I love teaching! I currently teach three days a week. I am thankful that I have the ability to spend a lot of time with my kids at home, but also continue to do what I love! I really think I have the best of both worlds, mom and piano instructor!


After dinner this evening, David was tracing his Alphabet letters. (I have been working with him on holding his pen/pencils properly, and building his muscle strength etc.) He is doing really great! He was proud of his work!



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